Early Tuesday

I have absolutely no words for how amazing it was going out for a run this morning. The sun is still shining and the sky is still blue, and the happiness of opening the door and feeling the warmth on my face was extraordinary. This is one of ┬áthe things that makes it worth living! Knowing that you are able to use your body in every way possible. Things like running doesn’t need discipline because there’s actually nothing holding you back when you know that it gives you so much pleasure. I’ve always said that if you have a healthy body, push your limits and take advantage of it. Think of all the people who isn’t healthy, who can’t use their body because they’re sick or handicapped. When I was a child, I used to sit inside on my ass all day because it was such a big burden for me to go out (not really, I was just lazy), but then my mother told me exactly what I told you right now, and once I’d thought about it, I went out just to walk around town. You should appreciate what you’ve got and not waste any of your time by sitting inside and bore yourself. You’ll thank yourself when you grow old and know that you’ve done your best with everything. I’ve always been afraid of getting old knowing that I haven’t done what I want to do with my life and the earlier you start, the more you’ll get to do and the happier you’ll be. I don’t want to spend my last hours thinking about what I haven’t done, what I regret and what I should have done, that’s why I started at an early age because I want my life to matter, I want my last hours to be hours of pleasure, hours where I reminisce and know that I’ve used my life right.

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