“Why are we moving?!”

I remember when I first heard my mother telling me that it was time to move away from the town we were living in. I didn’t understand why, there was nothing wrong the the town, was there? Tears started streaming down my face because I would never want to leave my father, seeing him was the highlight of my day. At first I refused to do anything, I refused to pack, I refused to eat, I refused to get out of bed in the morning and everything I did was locking myself up in my room and not wanting to talk to anybody. The only person I opened the door for was my father whenever he came to visit. It didn’t take long before I finally came out again, it didn’t even go two days.

When we arrived, everything was new and interesting. I had never been to this town before and it was bigger than the first one we lived in. My mother gave me my cellphone and said that I could explore a little bit around the neighbourhood and to call her if I got lost. So I did. Almost everything looked the same and I was afraid. I was afraid of starting at a new school, I was afraid of not being able to get any friends, I was afraid to be alone. Nothing of that happened of course, I was only a little child at that time. I got lots of new friends and I really liked it here. As I have now grown to love the town, there are some things that I don’t like at all. The people for instance. Everybody is very rude and we’re known for being the most self centred and ignorant people in this part of the country. That doesn’t really matter for me, even though it’s hard getting to know people from other cities since all they think when they hear where I’m from is that they should stay away from me. Some people have been open about it and haven’t been judging me at all and that is nice. I often think about getting away from this town even though I love it and I really hope it happens soon.

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