What I achieved last month

  • I got a few new friends and took up lost contact with one of my former friends. It’s hard for me to get new friends, but last month was a success. Sometimes you meet the right people and they settle down to stay in your life and I’m grateful for that. I feel bad about taking contact with some of my former friends though since it didn’t work out as well as I thought it would, but now I know that till later in life!
  • I understood that there are something that needs to change in my life. I’m not truly happy even though I finally have my own apartment, a boyfriend and a well paid job. I haven’t figured out yet what is wrong, but hopefully I can figure it out sooner or later, all I know right now is that something has to change.
  • The dreams I’ve had for many, many years started to become reality. I’m making money now and can do everything I’ve always wanted to do. Visit new places, buy things I’ve wanted for a long time and buy gifts for my boyfriend. I think I’m finally starting to grow up!
  • I reread and started editing one of my novels. I’ve dreaded this for a long time because rereading and editing novels aren’t something I enjoy as much as I enjoy writing them. It’s a start though and I like that I’m getting somewhere.
  • I found peace with parts of myself I’ve disliked for a long time. This is a huge achievement for me, really, because it’s very hard for me to accept the parts of me that disgust me, but I’m getting there, even if it’s taking a long time.
  • Some songs were written. I spent a lot of time alone with my guitar and a huge stack of paper and it feels so extremely good knowing that I finally got some words on paper.

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