Things you don’t know about me

  • I can sit hour after hour reading about a specific topic. Even if it’s boring. It’s weird, I can find a topic extremely boring and think that it would be a waste of time spending time reading about it, but I do it anyway.
  • I listen to so many different music genres. From dubstep to rock and everything in between. I can’t even count on two hands how many genres I listen to.
  • Over half of the friends I’ve had and have now, are boys. Right now I can think of only one female friend. I have always had a grudge against hanging out with girls because it’s true what they say, there are far much more drama than it is with boys. Some girls find some unimportant thing just to weep about it to other friends and I absolutely hate it. I’ve also heard from the friends I have that girls around town are afraid to talk to me because they have never seen me hanging out with a girl, only boys.
  • A few years ago I practised boxing. I quit when I had two of my teeth knocked out. They are now replaced and I hate that I have two unnatural teeth in my mouth. I sometimes go boxing though and the matches are usually between me and my boyfriend because he practises MMA. Whenever he see that I’m angry, he asks me if I want to go fight him, it’s so cute that he knows how I prefer getting that angry feeling out of my mind.
  • When I was a little child, everything I dreamt of was becoming a professional cook. It’s weird actually because at the time of my anorexia, I still used to cook – a lot. Ever since I saw my stepmother make her famous chocolate cake, I’ve wanted to become a cook, but after I saw how stressful I completely pushed that thought away. Anyway, I don’t want to become a cook now, all I’m striving for is becoming a writer.

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