It hurt so extremely much to see my best friend as sad as she was yesterday. We made tacos, she managed to eat a little bit before she had to run to the toilet to puke. She apologized, but I said it was nothing to apologize for because I know how hard it is to eat when your boyfriend has just broken up with you. She told me that she hadn’t been able to eat at all the past few days because she had this weird feeling in her stomach all the time and all she could feel was sadness and anger. What hurts the most about seeing her like this is that I know exactly how it feels. I know that eating is the last thing you want to do and that talking to other people requires so much energy that you can’t socialize for more than a couple of hours. Knowing that she feels this way is hurting me more than anything I can think of right now, it’s even hurting more than the fact that I’m not writing anything. I wish there was something I could do for her, but right now I know that there are no ideas and tips for how to forget that guy. They were together for almost three years and he didn’t even have the heart to give her an explanation for why he broke up with her. I know why he broke up, he told me because we’re really good friends, but not even I have the heart to tell her… All I’m hoping for is that she does it better in getting over him than I did when I tried to get over my ex. I hope that she doesn’t see drugs as an escape and that she manages to think forward and not think about the past.

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