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Blood Bank Lets You Earn Real Money Via Good Kill/Death Ratio
Blood Bank

A new first/third-person shooter game has landed on Steam Greenlight called Blood Bank. Despite the uninspired name and low-budget graphics,…

Stranded Deep Lets You Hunt Sharks, Lands On Steam Early Access
Stranded Deep

Way back in the day, one of the big selling points from Far Cry: Instincts on the OG Xbox was…

Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds Jumps From PS Vita To Steam
Phantom Breaker Battle Grounds

5pb and Division2’s PS Vita release of Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds has made the leap from Sony’s handheld to Valve’s…

90’s Arcade Racer Gameplay Trailer Focuses On Speed, Drifting
90's Arcade Racer

A new gameplay trailer for 90’s Arcade Racer – and yes, that’s the name of the game – has been…

Dying Light’s Multiplayer Seems To Be A Better Version Of Evolve
Dying Light

After playing the beta for Evolve I came away highly disappointed. The gameplay was quite mundane and the overall setup…

Attack On Titan Tribute Game Dev Explains Struggle With Depression, Development
Attack on Titan Tribute Game

A recent post on the blog of FengLee.com – the same Feng Lee responsible for the development of the Attack…

Elder Scrolls Online Targeting 1080p, 30fps For Xbox One, PS4
Elder Scrolls Online

If you were hoping for a 1080p, 60fps experience for Zenimax Online’s Elder Scrolls Online MMORPG on the home consoles,…

VR Karts Trailer Promises A True VR Experience For Oculus Rift
VR Karts

A new trailer for the upcoming multiplayer racing title, VR Karts, showcases the game’s virtual reality capabilities and how well…

Xbox App Windows 10 Preview Video Details Features
Xbox App

Microsoft let loose a new preview video for the Xbox app scheduled to launch with Windows 10. The new video…

Void Destroyer Launches On Steam, Humble Store
Void Destroyer

Iteration 11’s real-time strategy, active combat space-simulator, Void Destroyer, has officially launched on Steam and the Humble Store. The game…

DayZ Sells 3 Million Copies, Further Utilizing Enfusion Engine In 2015

Dean “Rocket” Hall may have parted ways from Bohemia Interactive to pursue his own interests, but the tidal wave of…

Dragon Ball Xenoverse Trailer Previews Gotenks, Vegeta, Buu Combos
Dragon Ball Xenoverse

Want to see how the new eighth-gen Dragon Ball game looks in action? Well, Bandai Namco Games let loose some…

One Piece Online Heads Into Open Beta
One Piece Online

A new tower-defense ARPG based on the popular One Piece manga has launched for North Americans, called One Piece Online….

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