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Ethereal: A Game About Life And Death Heads To Kickstarter


Despawn’s Ethereal is a side-scrolling platform game that that actually uses puzzle-platforming mechanics to challenge players a little like Vvvvvv and the ghost stages from old Mario titles. Continue reading

Through Time: First-Person Platformer Where You Can Slow Down Time

Through Time

A new independent game is on the way called Through Time, a first-person adventure platformer that sees players racing through various environments to get from one destination to the next. The trick isn’t that it’s just another exploration platforming game, it’s that you can manipulate time in order to change the way platforming operates. Continue reading

Legena: Union Tides Rekindles 16-Bit JRPG Goodness For PC, Android, OUYA


Grandpa Pixel is working on a brand new 16-bit inspired role-playing game that brings back the puzzles, the adventure, the travel and the combat from a bygone era made popular by bright, Japanese-storytelling engineers. The name of the game is Legena: Union Tides, and it’s an isometric title that’s currently going through a moderate Kickstarter program with a goal of only $1,000. Continue reading

Hatred Is A Game Designed To Drum Up Mass Controversy


There’s a new game in the works by indie studio Destructive Creations. The name of the game? Hatred. It’s a new-age take on the Running With Scissors classic, Postal. The graphics have been upgraded, the animations have been improved and the levels of controversy that comes with those upgrades are brimming with the potential of mass-media outcries. Continue reading

Afterlife Empire: Get Your First Look At Vivian James, Gilda Mars

Afterlife Empire

The Fine Young Capitalists held a game jam to help get more female developers into the gaming industry. Their efforts did not easily amount to achieving their goals, as they were constantly undermined and attacked by gaming media and those who wished to see them fail. Nevertheless, the pure determination and unquenchable thirst for victory by the die-hard gaming community helped push The Fine Young Capitalists into the stratosphere, enabling them to achieve what they set out to do. Continue reading

Space Engineers: New Mods Include Cloaking Device, XDF-4 Heavy Armor Mech

XDF-4 Heavy Armor Mech

There’s always tons of new mods being released for Space Engineers – plenty of awesome stuff that comes out that’s well worth checking out. I only have time to really invest in a couple of mods that seem like they’re a grade above the rest of the entries to warrant a gander and a download. Two of the mods that really caught my eye ever-so-recently includes a cloaking device for ships and the new transformable XDF-4 Heavy Armor Mech. Continue reading