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GeoVox, AAA Terrain Creation Tool Now Available

You can now create AAA-quality terrain using a voxel-based toolset from Axis Game Factory called GeoVox. The new creation set…

Dragon Soul Takes Flight On IndieGoGo
Dragon Soul

A side-scrolling, sprite-based platformer from a Brazilian game designer, Thiago Assumption, called Dragon Soul has taken flight on IndieGoGo. The…

Overwatch Gameplay Video Previews Mercy The Healer

I missed this the first time around, but I’ve gone back and decided to toss this up for posterity purposes….

Payday 2: The Alesso Heist Now Available
Payday 2

Overkill Software has released the latest in the long line of DLC campaigns for Payday 2, this time the concert-themed…

Technobabylon Now Available For Steam, GOG

A new cyberpunk point-and-click adventure? Count me in. Wadjet Eye Games is known for keeping the cyberpunk adventure genre alive…

Expeditions: Viking Announced With Snazzy Cinematic Trailer
Expeditions: Viking

There are a ton of games that come out that just fly way under the radar. If it’s not for…

Overwatch Video Previews Hanzo The Archer

Already one of my favorites and I haven’t even played the game yet, Hanzo the archer is a stealthy character…

Need For Speed For Xbox One, PS4, PC Will Have Car Customization
Need For Speed

EA and Ghost have released a new teaser trailer for Need for Speed, which is being rebooted for the PS4,…

Witcher 3 Patch Fixes Graphics While CD Projekt Discusses Downgrades
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

So the big story of the day is that CD Projekt Red released a patch to hopefully assuage some of…

Feist Gets New Trailer, Release Set For July 23rd
Feist Game

Developers Bits & Beast have teamed up with publisher Finji to bring the forest battle-and-survival game Feist to digital distributors…

Drive Any Track Now Available On Steam Early Access
Drive Any Track

FOAM Entertainment’s Drive Any Track has finally launched on Steam’s Early Access. It seemed like it was a long time…

AMD Offers Fix For Witcher 3 GameWorks Issue
The Witcher 3

There’s been a lot of blow-ups over the GameWorks situation between both AMD and Nvidia. Gamers can certainly say that…

Batman: Arkham Knight Live-Action Trailer Tells You To Be The Batman
Batman: Arkham Knight

Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment and Rocksteady Studios released a new trailer for Batman: Arkham Knight titled “Be The Batman”. It’s…

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