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Heroes of Newerth Forests Of Caldavar Map Recreated In Legos

Heroes of Newerth

Using 526,372 Legos, the team at Tencent reconstructed the entire Forests of Caldavar map from the MOBA title, Heroes of Newerth. This seems to be the second time within a short period of time that a dynamic real-life event involving Legos and online gaming has come to light. Some of you might remember the A.V.A. Lego event celebrating a milestone for the game – well, Tencent is doing the same with Heroes of Newerth. Continue reading

Blackguards 2 Releasing January 20th On PC

Blackguards 2

Daedalic Entertainment’s Blackguards reminded me of an old throwback to a classic turn-based, role-playing strategy game from the mid-1990s. It had a bit of that Betray at Krondor tossed in with the grit and grunge from Baldur’s Gate and Planescape Torment. Well, the sequel to this year’s tactical-RPG is due for launch on January 20th, 2015 for $29.99. Continue reading

DayZ Will Get Basic Vehicles In Early 2015


Man, it seems like it’s been a long time since the last major update for DayZ… or I just haven’t been paying too much attention to what’s been happening in the realm of Chenarus due to all the corruption seeping out from behind the seams of the media’s lie-filled hugbox. Nevertheless, DayZ has some really interesting things on the horizon, including vehicles, animal companions and a price hike following the Steam Autumn sale. Continue reading

The Last Inua Coming Soon To Steam, Windows, Mac

Last Inua

A platforming game revolving around Inuit culture is coming soon to PC and Mac and it’s called The Last Inua. The game comes from a small studio called Glowforth, and is published by an Wired Productions; it’s genuinely pretty cool looking, showing similar shades of another platformer caked in cultural iconography, Never Alone. Continue reading

World Of Speed Trailer Pits Camaro SS Vs Mustang GT

World of Speed

I haven’t heard much about Need For Speed World after the game went full cash shop… and as we all know, as a free-to-play title you never go full cash shop. Slightly Mad Studios appears to be trying their hand at the free-to-play racing genre with their online racing title World of Speed. To help further promote the game, a new trailer featuring a racing showdown between the Camaro SS and the Mustang GT has been released.  Continue reading

H1Z1 Early Access Is Nearly Done


President of Sony Online Entertainment, John Smedley, recently made a small update on where the team stands with their progress of the open-world, zombie survival game, H1Z1. According to a recent post on the social media service known as Twitter, the list of items the team wanted to get into the Early Access rendition of the game is “nearly done”. Continue reading