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GTA 5 Mod Allows Gamers To Run As Fast As The Flash
The Flash

Super hero mods for GTA V are an absolute given. One thing you may not have expected to see so…

GTA 5 Hydraulics Mod Gives Vehicles Some Extra Bounce

Now that modders understand how to wield the power of the meta data in GTA V, we’re seeing handling mods…

GTA 5 Drift Mod, 4×4 Physics Mod Released
GTA 5 Drift Mod

Love The Fast & The Furious? Want to perform some hot drag racing wheelies in your muscle car just like…

GTA 5 Texture Mods Are Now Possible
GTA 5 Texture Mod

It’s been a long time in the waiting room but gamers can finally start swapping out textures in GTA V….

GTA 5 Mod Borrows Just Cause 2’s Grappling Hook
GTA 5 Grappling Hook

Feel like you need to catch some major air in GTA V? Well, a new mod for the game allows…

Jeff Hardy Mod Invades WWE 2K15 On PC
WWE 2K15

Modding is such a huge cornerstone of all the fun antics in PC gaming that it’s not surprising that mods…

GTA 5 iCEnhancer Isn’t Out Yet But It’s In The Works

Hayssam Keilany’s iCEnhancer has been preemptively leaked, but only some very minor tweaks that don’t really change or improve GTA…

Arma 3: Star Wars Imperial Assault Mod Could Give Battlefront A Run For Its Money
Arma 3

A new developer diary has released for an upcoming mod and it shows some massive potential that could give DICE…

Shenmue Mod Invades Dead Or Alive 5

Sega won’t be making any new Shenmue games for a long time to come (or possibly never), but if you…

Arma 3 Mod Spotlight: The Great Altis Highway Race
Arma 3

A couple of friends getting together and riding along the coast of the Altis highway in Arma 3 is actually…

GTA 5 PC Gamers Run Into Mods With Viruses

Like an ethics locomotive without brakes, PC gamers have been diving head-first into the wonderful and mindfully creative world of…

GTA 5 Weapon, Car Handling Mods Are Now Possible

The OpenIV tools have been updated to version 2.6. The newest version includes the ability to extract and edit the…

Zero Suit Samus Is Playable In Garry’s Mod
Super Smash Bros

A fully-rigged, Wii U approved Zero Suit Samus model is now playable in Garry’s Mod, ported over from the recent…

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