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Garry’s Mod Finally Gets Drive-By Shooting Mod

Garry's Mod

One of the most requested mods for Facepunch Studios’ Garry’s Mod has been usable S-tools from passenger seats. Well your wish has been granted dear e-beggers; Garry’s Mod now allows you to live out your dream of drive-by shootouts and passenger projectile parades whether you’re driving or flying around a map. Continue reading

Space Engineers: New Mods Include Cloaking Device, XDF-4 Heavy Armor Mech

XDF-4 Heavy Armor Mech

There’s always tons of new mods being released for Space Engineers – plenty of awesome stuff that comes out that’s well worth checking out. I only have time to really invest in a couple of mods that seem like they’re a grade above the rest of the entries to warrant a gander and a download. Two of the mods that really caught my eye ever-so-recently includes a cloaking device for ships and the new transformable XDF-4 Heavy Armor Mech. Continue reading

Space Engineers Welcomes 3D Ship Printer And 2001: A Space Odyssey’s Monolith

Space Engineers

Space Engineers has been on the receiving end of some of the most unique, strange, weird, impressive and completely outrageous mods with the short life-span that the game has had on Steam and the on the Steam Workshop. Well, some of the latest mods for the game really push the limits on the creative boundaries for Keen Software House’s open-world, space-construction game. Continue reading

Space Engineers: Star Wars Trench Run, Millennium Falcon Mods Added

Space Engineers

There’s some sexy new mods made available for Space Engineers. I know, I know, this is still good news that doesn’t touch on the scabby dragonsaur known as #GamerGate, but I would suggest you soak up this clean bit of gaming culture because there’s plenty of time to dive back into the cesspool of corruption and collusion that encapsulates the games journalism ring. For now, you can take refuge in this bit of news that celebrates the creative minds that inhabit Steam’s Workshop for Keen Software House’s open-space simulator. Continue reading

Space Engineers: Armored Core Transforming Station, Curved Window Mods Surface

Space Engineers

A small break in the action from #GamerGate. It’s time to return to a game that keeps the politics out of interactive entertainment and the fun placed squarely in the creative minds of gamers the world around. What better way to showcase the thorough uniqueness and artistic capabilities of the gaming community than with a mod that showcases just how ridiculously complicated some mods can get in Keen Software House’s Space Engineers? Continue reading

Space Engineers Gets Full F-Zero Mod, Serenity Ship From Firefly

Space Engineers F-Zero

“Where’s the new story about the IGF scandal?” you ask. Well, my response to that is “I can’t run anything right now because the sources are still being compiled and people’s careers are on the line!” So yeah, calm your horses, folks. Those are some serious allegations and it needs to be handled carefully to avoid collateral fallout. Anyway, while we wait (hopefully not too long) for the extra info, you might want to check out the latest mods that Space Engineers has to offer. Continue reading

Space Engineers Gets Stargate Portal, Planet Atmosphere, Tree Mods


I’ve grown increasingly impressed with the sort of stuff that’s being added /modded into Keen Software House’s Space Engineers. The game has grown increasingly large since the short time it’s been racking up the sales and growing its audience on Steam’s Early Access platform. The game is hailed as a better looking, physics-based version of Minecraft. Well, this not-quite-a-Minecraft-clone has been updated with some nifty new mods. Continue reading