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GTA 5 RPG Mod Turns GTA Into Skyrim

If GTA V has been too on-the-nose for you and you need some more layered gameplay added to the fold…

Pokemon In Unreal Engine 4 Shows A Lot Of Potential
Pokemon Unreal Engine 4

It’s unlikely that Game Freak will ever make an Unreal Engine-powered Pokemon game for a Nintendo system anytime soon. However,…

Dickbutt Chess Set Mod Adds Spice To Tabletop Simulator
Tabletop Simulator

A lot of the mods being made available for Tabletop Simulator have been straightforward and very serious and mostly realistic….

Magic The Gathering Sets, Battlestar Galactica Mod Land On Tabletop Simulator
Tabletop Simulator

Berserk Games’ Tabletop Simulator is still one of the most creative game and game modification tools released this year. The…

Hearthstone Nude Mod Becomes A Reality
Hearthstone Mod

Yes, everything gets a nude mod these days, even games that seem completely unlikely to have nude mods… like Hearthstone:…

GTA 5 Update 1.28 Might Break Your Mods

Rockstar Games issued a new update for Grand Theft Auto V to fix some of the game’s performance issues. Update…

Legends Of Eisenwald Steam Workshop Mods Slowly Roll Out
Legends of Eisenwald

Legends of Eisenwald recently launched for Steam and mods are starting to appear for the game thanks to Aterdux Entertainment…

Gears Of War, 3D Spartacus Board Join Tabletop Simulator
Tabletop Simulator

Some of the new mods for Tabletop Simulator borrow from some other popular media properties out there, including a 3D…

Space Engineers: Auroras Solar Array Mod Sports Retractable Solar Panels
Space Engineers

I haven’t touched Space Engineers in quite some time, but that hasn’t stopped the community from moving onward and upward…

Splatoon’s Inklings And Octo-Kids Splash Into Garry’s Mod

There’s a series of new mods available for Garry’s Mod featuring the Octo-kids and inklings from Nintendo’s new IP for…

Limbo Mod For Dark Souls Gives The Game A Dark New Look
Dark Souls Limbo Mod

Dark Souls mods are still coming out regularly and even though they aren’t always talked about much, one of the…

ARK: Survival Evolved Steam Workshop Mods Are Live
ARK: Survival Evolved

Studio Wildcard and the rest of the team have announced that Steam Workshop support is now live for ARK: Survival…

Star Wars: Imperial Assault Scout Trooper Pack Released For Arma 3
Star Wars: Imperial Assault

The developers said they would do it and they delivered. Blue Harvest Interactive released the first mod pack for their…

GTA 5 Prison Mod Lets You Experience Life Behind Bars
GTA 5 Prison Mod

A new mod that’s been making its way around the GTA V scene is a mod that sees players having…

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