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Fallout 4 Mod Lets You Place Settlement Objects Everywhere
Fallout 4

When building your settlement in Fallout 4 one of the big restrictions is where you can place objects. Furniture can’t…

XCOM 2 Mods Increase Squad Size, Add WWE And WCW Wrestlers

Mods are already flowing in hot and heavy for Firaxis Games’ XCOM 2, including tons of soldier mods that add…

Fallout 4 Skin Mod Turns Your Companion Dogmeat Into Amaterasu From Okami
Fallout 4

While traveling the wasteland of Boston in Fallout 4, folks will be able to turn their trusty companion Dogmeat into…

XCOM 2 Dragonpunk Mod Teases Vivian James’ Theme Song
XCOM 2 Dragonpunk

Now that XCOM 2 is out and about for PC we’ll likely start seeing mods appearing frequently and at a…

BioShock’s Rapture Remade In Space Engineers
Space Engineers

If you wanted to take your Space Engineers from deep space to the deep sea, there’s a mod for that….

American Truck Simulator New Mods Include Deadpool Skin, Disabled Cops

It’s only been out for a couple of days and the modding scene has already taken a hold of SCS…

Splatoon Mods Let You Play Splatoon In Garry’s Mod

Splatoon turned out to be a heck of a lot more popular than I thought it would be. Nintendo managed…

Fallout 4 Mod Adds Bullet Time To VATS With Slow-Mo Shells And Enemies
Fallout 4 Bullet-Time

Fallout 4 has been out now for PC, Xbox One and PS4 for more than three months, and hasn’t received…

Resident Evil Zero HD Remaster Nude Rebecca Mod Available For Download
Resident Evil Zero HD Remaster

The full nude mod for Rebecca Chambers from Resident Evil Zero HD Remaster on PC is now available. The mod…

Dead Or Alive 5 H-LOD Curvy Body Nude Mod Released
Dead or Alive 5: Last Round

A project that’s been in the making for a year has finally launched for Dead Or Alive 5: Last Round…

Fallout 4 Mod Adds 12 New Ponytail Hairstyles For Males, Females
Fallout 4

Customizing one’s character in Fallout 4 makes up for a large part of the game’s role-playing appeal. Oftentimes games with…

Space Engineers Gets Hunger/Survival Mod And Space Battleship Yamato
Space Battleship Yamato

If you stopped playing Space Engineers because you felt as if the game just wasn’t delivering enough action and suspense…

Jedi Academy Mod Jedi Fighter Turns Battles Into A Street Fighter-Like Game
Jedi Academy

Star Wars fans of Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy looking for 2D fights with 3D characters like in Street Fighter, might…

Resident Evil Zero HD Remaster Leon And Ada Mods Arrive
Resident Evil Zero HD Remaster

The modding community wasted little time in pumping out some new texture, model swap and mesh mods for Capcom’s Resident…

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