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Ethereal: A Game About Life And Death Heads To Kickstarter


Despawn’s Ethereal is a side-scrolling platform game that that actually uses puzzle-platforming mechanics to challenge players a little like Vvvvvv and the ghost stages from old Mario titles. Continue reading

Gliese Coming Soon To Kickstarter, Inspired By Half-Life, Shadow Of The Colossus


A new 2D action game is on the way that briskly swipes inspiration from the likes of Borderlands, Half-Life and the PlayStation 2 classic, Shadow of the Colossus. The game comes from a new indie startup called TimeMachine. The game itself will be a side-scrolling action title with plenty of guns, giants and thrills to hopefully mark itself as a potentially new franchise worthy of attention. Continue reading

Alice In Tokyo Wonderland Lands On Steam Greenlight, Kickstarter

Alice In Tokyo Wonderland

A new third-person hack-and-slash title has found its way onto Steam’s community Greenlight service, as well as the crowd-funding outlet Kickstarter. The game is called Alice In Tokyo Wonderland and features a young girl with a big sword who happens to have an affinity for hacking and slashing bad guys. The game has already received a bit of praise for its premise on Steam Greenlight, but it hasn’t been doing quite as well on Kickstarter. Continue reading

Battle Chef Brigade Combines Monster Hunting With Action-Cooking

Battle Chef Brigade

Anyone remember the 1996 Stephen Chow flick The God of Cookery? It was a pretty awesome film about a hack who eventually has to become the god of cookery. As ridiculous as it sounds, that’s part of the premise for Battle Chef Brigade, where players will level-up, get strong, prepare meals and present the meals in over-the-top ways to a panel of judges. Continue reading

Phantasmal Playable Demo Now Available


I know a lot of people are still expecting more #GamerGate news… and there’s more of it to be had. But for right now I think it’s important to actually offer up something positive about game culture – new games, new demos, more ways to enjoy interactive entertainment. So with that said, Joe Chang’s Phantasmal has been  offered up as a public pre-alpha demo for gamers, and you can get a taste of it with a new video from popular YouTube personality PewDiePie. Continue reading

Phantasmal: Roguelike Horror Game Launches On Kickstarter, Steam Greenlight


A small team has assembled together to work on a procedural horror game based around Lovecraftian themes and a throwback to the old days of video game horror by paying tribute to the likes of Silent Hill. The name of the game? Phantasmal. The title revels in the ability to explore and experience horror in undefined ways. Continue reading

Kingdom Come Dev Openly Supports #GamerGate, Asks Adam Baldwin To Star In Game

Kingdom Come Deliverance

Some developers are afraid to speak up, some developers are afraid of being blacklisted and some developers are Honey Badgers and they just don’t give a crap. Daniel Vavra is one of those Honey Badgers, he’s the creative director for the Kickstarted game, Kingdom Come: Deliverance – a game, I might add, that has garnered more than $1.9 million in crowd-sourced funding. Continue reading