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Cross Reverie, 3D JRPG Heads To Kickstarter, Steam Greenlight
Cross Reverie

A new 3D JRPG has made it onto Steam’s Greenlight and the crowd-funding platform Kickstarter from indie studio Sinxsoft. The…

Cold Blooded Is A Game About Building A Drug Empire
Cold Blooded

There are a lot of games out there about building up an empire and a lot of games about starting…

One Final Breath Goes For Third Attempt On Kickstarter
One Final Breath

The horror survival game by Dark Day Interactive has returned to Kickstarter. The first person survival horror adventure game One…

E3 2015: Shenmue 3 Announced For PS4, PC
Shenmue III

Shenmue III has been announced for the PlayStation 4 and PC. It dropped during the E3 press conference and made…

Through The Woods Surpasses Kickstarter Goal, Set For Release In 2016
Through the Woods

Game studio Antagonist recently celebrated the milestone of surpassing their Kickstarter goal and certifying that Through The Woods would get…

We Happy Few Combines The Stepford Wives With BioShock
We Happy Few

Compulsion Games’ We Happy Few is a weird little title set in a procedurally open world (because, why not?) and…

Human Reignition Project Visual Novel Gains Instant Support On Kickstarter, Greenlight
The Human Reignition Project

The game about romance, face-to-face human interaction and the throbbing presence of technology that keeps people a Wi-Fi signal away…

FTC Goes After Fraudulent Kickstarters, Fines Fraudster $111,793
FTC Kickstarter

The FTC has been making waves lately with their attempts to bring back honor and justice to the free trade…

Bloodstained Sets New Kickstarter Record For Crowdfunded Video Game

The crowdfunding platform has seen many new games and ideas brought to life, most of the successfully funded games on its…

Reikon Dungeon Lets You Take Control Of Enemies You Slay
Reikon Dungeon

A game currently on Kickstarter from indie studio Alcapa Games called Reikon Dungeon is another one of those procedural dungeon-crawling…

Squad Attempts To Bring Battlefield 2 Mod To Life As Standalone Game

Squad is barreling through Kickstarter, racking up a lot of support and moving through the stretch goals rather effortlessly. They’ve…

Forest Warrior Has Been Successfully Greenlit For Steam
Forest Warrior

Forest Warrior from Inferno Studio has officially been Greenlit to appear on the Steam store once it’s done and ready….

Pixel Starships Brings 8-Bit Starship Management To Steam Greenlight
Pixel Starships

Savysoda’s Pixel Starships is an 8-bit inspired, starship management game where players will recruit crew members, expand the capacity of…

Shape Of The World Glides Onto Kickstarter With New Trailer
Shape of the World

Hollow Tree Games has landed on Kickstarter with a new gameplay trailer, featuring a look at the ever-evolving game world…

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