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Voxelnauts, Minecraft-Style MMO Kickstarter Goes Live

Imagine if Tad Williams’ Otherlands was fused with Minecraft but gamers were put in charge of crafting their own items,…

Voice Of Steel Wants To Bring Robot Fighting To PS4, Xbox One, PC
Voice of Steel

Voice of Steel is a new robot fighting game where gamers get to create their own moves, customize the parts…

Bloodstained, Castlevania Successor Surpasses Kickstarter Goal

Koji Igarashi, the godfather of Castlevania games has taken leave from Konami to work on his own “Igavania” title called…

Little Devil Inside Gameplay Shows Bandit Hunting, Vehicles
Little Devil Inside

A new two minute video has been released for Neostream’s Little Devil Inside, which is a game about the life…

Loud On Planet X Features Musicians Fighting Off A Horde Of Aliens
Loud on Planet X

Pop Sandbox recently unleashed their arcade indie-music game called Loud on Planet X that sees indie music hipsters fighting off…

Melancholy Republic Has Been Greenlit For Steam
Melancholy Republic

The 16-bit, JRPG-inspired game from Cloud Runner Studios has officially been greenlit for Steam. This means that when the game…

Starfall Tactics Wants To Put More Explosions In RTS Space Games
Starfall Tactics

Snowforged Entertainment is taking on the real-time strategy space simulation sub-genre with a bit of a tweak to the formula….

Plugged, New Gameplay Trailer Released For Unreal Engine 4 Adventure Game

A new trailer has released for Endtimes Studios’ Plugged, a surrealistic point-and-click adventure game set within a contemporary world with…

Solar Crusaders Combines FTL, Star Command And 4X Strategy Into One
Solar Crusaders

A new multiplayer, persistent 4x space strategy game from Puremana Studios called Solar Crusaders has landed on Kickstarter and Steam…

Mighty No. 9 Release Date Set Amidst Some Backer Grumblings
Mighty No. 9

Mighty No. 9 is set for release in North America on September 15th and on September 18th in Europe and…

Space Dust Racers Bringing Colorful Multiplayer Racing To PS4, Xbox One, PC
Space Dust Racers

Space Dust Racers is a new game from Space Dust Studios currently going through the crowd-funding and Greenlight process at…

Elsinore Combines Shakespearean Tragedy With Groundhog Day

A new point-and-click, time-looping adventure game from Golden Glitch Studios called Elsinore has landed on Steam Greenlight and Kickstarter. The…

Formula Fusion, New-Gen Futuristic Racer Lands On Kickstarter
Formula Fusion

R8 Games contains some of the bright minds behind the original Wipeout. They’ve returned to the futuristic racing scene to…

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