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Planet Nomads Video Previews Suspension, Flight And Vehicle Physics
Planet Nomads

Physics-based vehicular operation in games is always a welcomed feature. Having cars, trucks, buggies or carriers flip over, bounce and…

Unsung Story Development Indefinitely Delayed
Unsung Story

Just short of saying that the project is dead and gone, developer Playdek has made an announcement this weekend on…

Nebula: Sole Survivor Starts Open Beta Testing

Nebula: Sole Survivor is an isometric, top down shooter that is currently seeking votes on their Steam Greenlight page. Normally…

ChemCaper: Turn-Based Chemistry RPG Nears Kickstarter Goal

ACE EdVenture Studio Production is currently wrapping up their Kickstarter for a 3D, turn-based, JRPG-inspired title that relies on real…

Quantum Suicide Is A Visual Novel With A Deadly Sci-Fi Twist
Quantum Suicide

A handful of scientists and crew trapped aboard a space ship where a rogue AI sets about trying to get…

Battalion 1944 Aims To Rival Red Orchestra 2
Battalion 1944

Bulkhead Interactive recently announced a Kickstarter project for Battalion 1944, a World War II-themed multiplayer first-person shooter. The game is…

Ant Simulator Kickstarter Funds Were Allegedly Spent On Booze And Strippers
Ant Simulator

Developer Eric Tereshinski is claiming that his business partners that were supposed to be helping with Ant Simulator have actually…

Ghost Theory Seeks Funding For Kickstarter
ghost theory 1

Ghost Theory is a supernatural, exploration, adventure horror game developed by Dreadlocks. I am personally a fan of these types of…

Sprint, Mega Man Clone Seeks Kickstarter Funds To Finish Development

MJS Level One Entertainment has a Mega Man clone in the making for mobile devices. They’ve been working on the…

Dujanah, Psychological Adventure Game Seeks Funding On Kickstarter
dujanah 1

Dujanah is a new psychological adventure game created by Jack King-Spooner, that is seeking to reach his goal of $8,549…

Planet Nomads’ Creative World Building Antics Head To Kickstarter, Greenlight
Planet Nomads

Craneballs has recently announced that Planet Nomads is available on Kickstarter right now seeking funds for their goal of $99,000….

Sekai Project Outlines Their Visual Novels Available And Coming In January
Sekai Project

If you haven’t been keeping track of all the visual novels coming out lately, publisher Sekai Project has decided to…

MOBA PVP Game Overpowered Enters Steam Greenlight And Kickstarter

It seems like for once a decent looking game that looks well polished has finally entered Steam Greenlight. If you’re…

Greeve, Indonesian Side-Scroller Seeks Funds On Kickstarter

Miracle Gates Studio from Indonesia have recently launched the Kickstarter for their side-scroller, Greeve. The game is a fantasy tale…

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