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Blood Star Combines Arcade Shooting With Don’t Starve’s Emergent Survival

Blood Star

It’s easy to forget that games are still being made, designed and funded in this hostile and desperate climate where the unfortunate reality is that this is the new norm. Nevertheless, Blood Star is a game being put together by a small team at Dark Screen Games and it features isometric arcade shooting in an emergent-survival scenario where players will have to struggle to hunt down rare resources. Continue reading

Convoy: Rogue-Like Tactical Traveling Game Fuses Mad Max With FTL


A lot of fans of Mad Max have been craving a sort of desert-convoy, combat-racer. We don’t get games like that very often, heck we don’t get games like that at all. I can’t think of a game where you have to haul precious cargo around to reach a specific destination while fighting off road bandits. Well, at least now I can think of one game. Continue reading

Gliese Kickstarter Goes Live With Help From Starbound Composer


One of the new games that has arrived on Kickstarter is called Gliese. I’ve written about the game before, describing it as a mix of Borderlands and Half-Life with a side-order of Shadow of the Colossus. The game has recently made its way onto Kickstarter with a pretty lofty financial goal from an untested developer. Continue reading

Rogue Wizards Greenlit For Steam While Kickstarter Counts Down

Rogue Wizards

Spellbind Studios is nearing the end of their crowd-funding run on Kickstarter. The game has seven days left and the team is currently sitting at $54,632 out of the $70,000 goal. It’s not impossible for the team to hit their crowd-funding target, but it is uphill struggle. On the bright side of fence, the team has also acknowledged that they’ve been approved to appear on Steam’s store. Continue reading