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Shovel Knight Complete Gameplay Walkthrough

Shovel Knight

Shovel Knight dropped at the end of June to a lot of critical acclaim and plenty of praise from gamers and video game critics alike. The title sees players taking on the role of a shovel knight who has to stop an ancient evil, just like in most other classic games from the old 8-bit days of gaming. I don’t know if anyone would actually have trouble beating Yacht Club Games’ Shovel Knight, there’s a pretty slick walkthrough that uncovers the game’s secrets, the hidden gems and how to beat the bosses. Continue reading

The Wonderful 101 Complete Gameplay Walkthrough Guide

The Wonderful 101

Not sure how to get past some parts of Platinum Games’ The Wonderful 101? Find yourself stuck like a poor sap at the DMV on a weekday when you should be at work? Well, no problems. There’s a complete, guided walkthrough of the game in the form of a series of useful videos for The Wonderful 101, that goes from start to finish of the entire game. Continue reading