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Halo 2: Anniversary Edition PAX Prime Gameplay Videos

Halo Master Chief Collection

A series of videos have been made available for Halo 2: Anniversary Edition from the upcoming Halo: The Master Chief Collection, featuring a showdown at this year’s PAX Prime in Seattle, Washington. Continue reading

Watch The League Of Legends North American Playoffs Right Here

League of Legends

The eSports scene is really exploding right now but not everyone is in on it… or for that matter, not everyone even knows how to to get in on it. Thankfully, small communities are rising up around the interwebs to provide gamers with an avenue and outlet in which to indulge their electronic sports appetition. The latest bit of competitive video gaming comes courtesy of Riot Games, laying the smack down on a Twitch live-stream with the North American playoffs for League of Legends. Continue reading

Watch The Red Bull Battle Grounds StarCraft 2 Detroit Tournament

Red Bull Battle Grounds

It’s amazing that after nearly four years StarCraft II still has some amazing pull in the eSports scene. I guess the MOBAs just aren’t big enough to thwart Blizzard’s real-time strategy showcase just yet. Well, StarCraft II is at the forefront of Red Bull’s eSports efforts, and the sports drink company has been really pushing forward and upward with getting the word out about the electronic entertainment events. The latest battle is taking place in Detroit, just as this article is being written, offering gamers a first-hand experience of some uncompromising skill and dedication put on display from the professional gaming league. Continue reading

Watch The Pokemon 2014 US National Championships Right Here

Pokemon US Championships is continuing to provide gamers with a thirst for competitive entertainment in the world of gaming by hosting many regional, state and international eSports tournaments across a wide variety of video game disciplines and software platforms. The latest tournament to rear its head is the 2014 U.S., National Pokemon Championships in Indianapolis, Indiana . Continue reading