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Top 10 Best Video Games of 2014

Top 10 Games of 2014

Games HQ Media has a list of the top 10 best video games of 2014. They roll out a list of the games via an easy-to-digest video that you can check out and agree or disagree with as you see fit. I’m not going to waste a lot of words; I’ll let you get right to it. Continue reading

Old People React To Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare’s Multiplayer

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare

What happens when senior citizens dabble in the fast-paced, 60 frames-per-second madness of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare? Well, they get a taste of all the $1 billion action that keeps Activision rolling in the cash year in and year out. The most shocking thing about the video isn’t that the older crowd is terrible at the game (that’s an absolute given) it’s that the people they’re playing with/against aren’t as trollish as I was expecting. Continue reading

Limit Theory Video Update Explains The Thrill Of Warp Rails

Limit Theory

I haven’t been following Limit Theory. I’ll be honest, I just don’t keep up with every game out there. I happened upon the update video for this Kickstarter project and – despite the fact that the video clocks in at close to 40 minutes – I found myself watching every single minute of the update. I learned quite a bit about this project and I must say, this game seems like a proper, righteous space sim. Continue reading

Naval Action: Age Of Sail Simulator Could Be The Naval Version Of Elite: Dangerous

Naval Action

Game Labs is working on a new Age of Sail seafaring simulator called Naval Action. The game seems to be shaping up to be the naval rendition of Elite: Dangerous. Players will have access to ships throughout the era that dominated the trade sector as the industrial revolution began to kick into high gear. Continue reading

Street Fighter 5 PS4, PC Gameplay Video Unveils New Features

Street Fighter V

Following the ceremonies of the Capcom Cup 2014, the new footage of Street Fighter V for the PC and PS4 was unveiled. And while the gameplay wasn’t put together like a fancy trailer, the actual one-on-one match gave gamers plenty to talk about, from the upgraded graphics and destructible stages, to the new moves and Revenge meter. Continue reading

Watch The Capcom Cup 2014 Right Here

Capcom Cup 2014

Capcom’s FGC finale of 2014 is the Capcom Cup 2014. The tournament will finish the year strong with Ultra Street Fighter IV. At this rate, we can probably expect Super Ultra Street Fighter IV: Turbo Championship Edition at the Capcom Cup 2016. In the meantime, the company is cashing in on their latest re-release of the popular Street Fighter IV as they prep to start the hype train for the PS4 and PC exclusive, Street Fighter V. Continue reading

Project CARS Race Control Episode Teaches You How To Race Defensively

Project CARS

Racing isn’t just about winning – I mean, it is about winning, but it’s not just about winning. A lot of it is based on how skillful the driver is behind the wheel and how well that driver can utilize every opportunity to maximize the need for speed and take control of the track like a rubber burning savant. To help players achieve a measure of excellence in the quest for victory, a new entry in the Race Control series teaches racing fan aficionados how to overtake opponents and aggressively defend during a race. Continue reading

End Of The Line SFM Video Introduces New Team Fortress 2 Community Updates

Team Fortress 2

I don’t like to carelessly throw around the word “epic” like certain groups like to throw around the word “harasser” or some groups like to throw around the word “privilege”, but it’s hard to deny that the fan-made Source Filmmaker video put together by James McVinnie, Rebecca Pursley and Luke Murray called “End of the Line” really is epic. Continue reading