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Final Fantasy 15 Gameplay Trailer: Titans, Cars, Soldiers And Swords

Final Fantasy XV

In celebration of the Jump Festa 2014 event taking place over the weekend in Tokyo, Japan, Square Enix has opted to release a brand new trailer for Final Fantasy XV detailing a few more tidbits about the game’s world and mechanics. Continue reading

Revelation Online Tech Demo Highlights Global Illumination, HDR, More

Revelation Online

I was really disappointed to find out that the Unreal Engine 4 for the eighth generation home consoles would not support Global Illumination. What is Global Illumination? It allows a single light source to illuminate the game world by dynamically creating shadows throughout the entire area based on that light source. It’s a really awesome feature that will be limited to high-end PC games… Revelation Online is one of those high-end PC games. Continue reading