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Sleepers Teaser Trailer Unleashes Sci-Fi Horror
Sleepers Game

A new teaser trailer for Sleepers from developers Camel 101 has gone live. It features some some corridor walking, some…

Chariot Wars Launches On Steam, Lets Gamers Unleash Their Inner Ben Hur
Chariot Wars

Ported from the Android to PC by Om Entertainment, Chariot Wars is a 3D racing game that can be played…

Mad Max Trailer Focuses On The Savage Road
Mad Max: Savage Road

Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment released a new trailer for Avalanche Studios’ upcoming open-world action game, Mad Max. The new trailer…

The Isle: Dinosaur Survival Game Is Adorned With Praise On Greenlight
The Isle

Following closely on the heels of Ark: Survival Evolved being announced, another dinosaur survival game, indie developers behind the upcoming…

Until Dawn Set For Release On August 25th
Until Dawn

Supermassive Games’ upcoming horror-survival title (and it literally fits into that descriptor with irrefutable perfection) has just received its official…

Power Drive 2000 Demo Available For Download
Power Drive 2000

A futuristic 80s racer with neon-themed tracks, a retro synth-wave soundtrack and today’s latest and greatest post-processing visual technology to…

Mongrel’s Kickstarter Is Running Out Of Time

A side-scrolling, metroidvania adventure game named Mongrel promises a large-scale adventure in a fantasy world that’s described as Cave Story…

Dark Future: Blood Red States Announced With Mad Max-Inspired Trailer
Dark Future: Blood Red States

There’s a new turn-based strategy game that plays out in “simultaneous real-time action” that’s in the works by Games Workshop….

Aurion, Beat-‘Em-Up RPG Gameplay Trailer Heads To Town

African developers Kiro’o have recently released a new gameplay trailer for Aurion, their upcoming beat-’em-up based on African themes and…

Steins; Gate PlayStation Trailer Preps For June 5th Release
Steins; Gate

The visual novel that was first released on the Xbox 360 (yes, for some reason developers thought it would be…

GeoVox, AAA Terrain Creation Tool Now Available

You can now create AAA-quality terrain using a voxel-based toolset from Axis Game Factory called GeoVox. The new creation set…

Dragon Soul Takes Flight On IndieGoGo
Dragon Soul

A side-scrolling, sprite-based platformer from a Brazilian game designer, Thiago Assumption, called Dragon Soul has taken flight on IndieGoGo. The…

Payday 2: The Alesso Heist Now Available
Payday 2

Overkill Software has released the latest in the long line of DLC campaigns for Payday 2, this time the concert-themed…

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