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Hitman Beta Trailer Reveals Training Facility, Agent 47’s Origins

The beta test for Hitman is getting underway this week for the PS4 on February 12th, and it starts next…

Bandai Namco Reveals Dark Souls 3’s Opening Cinematic Video
Dark Souls 3

Publisher Bandai Namco and Developer From Software have published a new video for their upcoming brutal Gothic game — Dark…

Aegis Of Earth: Protonovus Assault, Tower Defense Visual Novel Confirmed For Europe
Aegis of Earth

PQube Games announced that they will be handling the European release of the upcoming tower-defense, visual novel game from Aksys….

Queen At Arms Mixes Visual Novel Storytelling With Strategic Battles
Queen at Arms

Aqualuft Games’ recently released their visual novel Queen at Arms on the Steam store. The game features a mixture of…

Lost Castle Is A Rogue-Like Co-op Beat-Em-Up On Steam Early Access
Lost Castle

That’s a lot of descriptors in the headline for Hunter Studio’s Lost Castle. It is exactly what the headline states,…

Caveblazers, 2D Platformer Enters Steam Greenlight

The latest 2D platformer to hit Steam Greenlight comes from a lone developer named Rupeck, where he brings his dangerous…

Moonlight, Atmospheric Indie-Platform Game Launches On Steam

Moonlight is an indie atmospheric platform game developed by Monkeymaw, and created using Gamemaker Studio.

Neverwinter Announces The Maze Engine Expansion

Neverwinter is set in the Dungeons And Dragons world by Forgotten Realms and the Wizards Of The Coast, and follows…

Bike Mayhem 2 Launches On Xbox One
Bike Mayhem 2

Goldmark Studios recently launched their physics-based, side-scrolling, stunt-based racing game Bike Mayhem 2 on the Xbox One. It’s a small…

Swordsman, Wuxia MMO Available On Steam

A bit late since this was announced late January last month, but for those of you that don’t know, the…

Trackmania Turbo Arrives March 22nd; New 360 VR Trailers Released
Trackmania Turbo

Ubisoft and Nadeo have announced that Trackmania Turbo will arrive on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC starting March…

PC And PS4 MOBA Game, Paragon, Reveals Kallari In New Trailer

Folks excited about the upcoming PC and PS4 MOBA game, Paragon, by Epic Games will be able to witness a…

XCOM 2 Now Available For PC

2K Games and Firaxis’ turn-based strategy game is now officially available on PC. The sequel to the popular 2012 release…

The Solus Project Lands On Steam Early Access, Xbox One Game Preview In Late February
The Solus Project

GRIP and Teotl Studios’ The Solus Project is set to go live on Steam in Early Access starting February 18th….

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