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Path Of Exile Ascendancy Expansion Preview

The online ARPG by Grinding Gear Games, Path Of Exile, has recently been on the receiving end of an announcement…

Lovely Weather We’re Having, Indie Outdoor Walking Simulator Preview
lovely weather we're having

Lovely Weather We’re Having reminds me a lot of Nintendo’s Animal Crossing with its quirky character design and simplistic gameplay…

Fractal Space Preview: First-Person Puzzler Is Coming To Steam
Fractal Space

Survive in Space by overcoming deadly challenges in this 3D Puzzle Platform game, Fractal Space, developed by Indie game studio,…

Blacksea Odyssey, Frantic Indie Space Shooter Preview
BlackSea Odyssey 1

Blacksea Odyssey is like playing Moby Dick meets Beowulf in space. Fly at high speeds through space armed with nothing…

Need For Speed Edge, CBT Announcement Trailer
Need for speed  1

Nexon Korea and Electronic Arts Korea have released a new trailer that showcases their new online game, Need For Speed…

War Rage, Warfare MMO Gameplay Trailer shown At G-Star 2015
War Rage

War Rage is a new MMO game by NetEase Games and Booming Games. War Rage places you in the middle…

Devilian: Action-MMORPG Preview, CBT First Impressions
Devilian 7 preview

I was accepted into the third closed beta to test out Trion Worlds and developers Bluehole Ginno’s new AMMORPG, Devilian….

Fringes Of The Empire Early Access Demo Preview
Fringes of the empire 4

Indie Developers Lost Astronaut Studios, has launched an early access build for their new sci fi, space exploration shooter, Fringes…

Noct’s Stylish Horror Is A Winning Formula For Early Access Gamers

C3SK and Devolver Digital’s experimental, overhead shooter Noct doesn’t have a whole lot of content and is still pretty buggy,…

Eitr Gameplay Footage Looks Haunting And Pensive

Devolver Digital and Eneme Entertainment’s upcoming, isometric RPG called Eitr has been slowly making its way around the web. It’s…

Warshift, Action-RTS Takes Gamers By Complete Surprise On Early Access
Warshift Game

So imagine a game with all the detail and complexity of a full-on mech simulator – weapon loadouts, armor customization,…

Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain Preview
Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain

Prepping to release on September 1st, 2015, Kojima Productions’ Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain will launch for home…

Devil’s Third Videos Reveal A Magnificent B-Movie Disasterpiece
Devil's Third

New gameplay videos have released for Devil’s Third, the upcoming Wii U hack-and-slash, third-person shooter from boobs-and-blades evangelist Tomonobu Itagaki….

Rebel Galaxy Let’s Play Videos Cover Quests, Combat, Exploration
Rebel Galaxy

Rebel Galaxy is a single-player space exploration game. You start off with a sleek looking hunk of metal and it’s…

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