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DDoS Attacks On PSN, Xbox Live, Becomes National Security Measure For FBI


The attacks taking place over the weekend against online services such as Blizzard’s games, Sony’s PlayStation Network and Microsoft’s Xbox Live, has gone from simple hactivist gamer group frustrating the community to a full blown national security measure, especially after threats against a passenger flight carrying Sony Online Entertainment’s president became a focal point for the hacking group’s efforts. Continue reading

Halo: Master Chief Collection Multiplayer Video Features Halo 2′s Sanctuary

Halo The Master Chief Collection

Wow, what a headline. This game collection makes it hard to keep the SEO headlines succinct, but what can you do? L33t it up and risk no one seeing it? Well, whatever; I didn’t name the game and I didn’t come up with the elongated subtitles. Anyway the upcoming Halo Master Chief Collection received some recorded footage from a GamesCom multiplayer match consisting of some pretty big YouTubers, such as the recognized core gamer, Jack Frags. Continue reading

Destiny Launch Trailer Goes For A Bag Of Doritos And Then Some

Destiny Launch Trailer

If you didn’t believe in the hype before, the launch trailer for Destiny will certainly make you think that a lot of people really, really, really love the game. The only problem is that it’s the sort of marketing campaign where if you don’t actually care about the game, there’s absolutely nothing you’ll see in the launch trailer that will change your mind. Instead, Activision relies on the age-old tactic of getting established sites to wax poetics for the $500 million dollar franchise to keep the momentum from the game’s beta rolling right on toward its September release. Continue reading

Diablo 3

Xbox One’s Hard Time Hitting 1080p In Diablo 3 Doesn’t Bode Well For Its Future

Diablo 3 Ultimate Evil Edition

So by now, most people probably know that Digital Foundry did a performance analysis on Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition for the PS4 and Xbox One. The team found some interesting tidbits of information, including a bug in the PS4 version relating to the frame-rate refresh. What was surprising about the findings, though, wasn’t with the technical hiccups and expected slowdowns, but with the fact that Microsoft’s decision to demand Blizzard to up the resolution of Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition on the Xbox One came at a terrible, terrible cost. Continue reading

Battlefield Hardline Screenshots Showcase Vehicular Action Stunts

Battlefield Hardline

Electronic Arts has been catching flak left and right. It’s easy to understand why, the company seems to sometimes find itself headed up by goats in suits. However, I am willing to cut them some slack for their decision to delay Battlefield Hardline, the first-person shooter sequel that most gamers feel should be a mod to Battlefield 4. While the game doesn’t look like a game of the year winner, it does look like the single-player offers some sweet, sweet action, and that frame of thought is reinforced quite well with a series of new screenshots featuring some wild vehicular action. Continue reading

31% Of PS4 Owners Switched From Xbox 360, Wii

Xbox One

A third of PS4 owners are actually converted fanboys. They gave up their Xbox 360s, abandoned their Wiis and I might even imagine a few members of the Glorious PC Master Race may have traded their SLI GPUs and multi-monitor setups to get a taste of the black and blue brand from Sony. Of course, that’s according to a new report from a Nielson Media Research survey. Continue reading

Fortified: A 3D Tower-Defense Shooter Featuring An Invading Robot Army

Fortified Game

Well, by golly did this game take me by surprise. After I received the e-mail I was expecting something suited for mobile devices, but lo and behold Clapfoot Studios really went out of the way and surprised me with their upcoming third-person shooter titled, Fortified. It’s not only a shooter game but it’s also a tower-defense game, and it sees players having to build up their fortifications to stop an advancing robot army from outer space. If it sounds like the makings of a 1950s B-movie, well that’s the general theme that the developers were going for. Continue reading

ReddX App Arrives For Xbox One, Enables Reddit On Xbox

ReddX Xbox One

If you can’t get enough of all the upvoting, downvoting, senseless circle-jerking and all the crap-posting that comes with maintaining a strong presence on Reddit, then you’re going to love being able to take all that lovable social media madness with you onto the Xbox One. That’s right, Microsoft rolled out a new app called ReddX, and no it’s not a pr0n app no matter how close to sounds like one. It’s actually designed to snap to side of the Xbox One so you can participate in Reddit’s activity without actually having to be situated in front of a monitor at a computer desk. Continue reading