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Timesplitters Rewind Still Moving Forward, Despite Crytek UK Shutdown

TimeSplitters Rewind

[Update: A line was removed from the quote at the request of the team.  More info will be provided when applicable.]

So by now the news must have set in nice and thick about Crytek’s current situation with two of their major studios. Oh, you didn’t know? Well the company who made some of the most beautifully generic first-person shooters shutdown their internal studios in the U.S., and in the U.K, as noted in a report on Polygon. However, amidst the rubble and beneath the turmoil, away from the dust and through the thicket of war-weary smoke, one lone project still stands tall through Crytek’s financial fallout… TimeSplitters Rewind. Continue reading

Homefront: The Revolution Gets Picked Up By Deep Silver

Homefront The Revolution

One of the big questions surrounding the current financial struggle of Crytek was: what’s going to happen to Homefront: The Revolution if all the key management staff are jumping off the boat like the Titanic sinking in the ocean? Well, the property won’t be sinking to the bottom of the development floor because Deep Silver has thrown it a life-jacket and picked it up from the financially dire position to which Crytek resides. Continue reading

The Witcher 3 Devs Struggle With 1080p On Xbox One

The Witcher 3

It’s been mentioned time and time again that CD Projekt RED will work hard to optimize The Witcher 3 for the Xbox One as best they can. However, optimization will only take you so far when you’re trying to fine tune a polished up VHS player that took one too many steroids and then fused with a Betamax. So far, CD Projekt has made it known that the struggle is real. Continue reading

Destiny To Outsell Call Of Duty With At Least 15 Million Units, Says Analyst


If you thought that Destiny was going to be huge this fall, you’re not alone. In fact, the guys and gals that get paid big bucks to tell most average people the sort of common-sense things that most of us consider common knowledge are actually starting to ratchet up the worth of their expertise by saying something that we may not have necessarily expected: Destiny could outsell Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. Continue reading

Shadow Warrior Official Release Date Announced For Xbox One, PS4

Shadow Warrior

The official release date has been set in stone for both the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 for the first-person shooter reboot from Flying Wild Hog and Devolver Digital. The game will be getting a bit of distribution help from middle-of-the-road publisher Bandai Namco. Continue reading

EA Access: $5 Monthly Subscription Service Is Exclusive To Xbox One

EA Access

Imagine paying a monthly flat rate of $5 a month to gain access to nearly every single Xbox One title EA has made and will make? You can hop in on the action soon, according to a blog post on EA’s news wire. The company has already started offering the service to select members of the gaming community to “beta test” the offerings. Continue reading

Perturbia Could Come To Home Consoles, After Getting Approved On Greenlight


The upcoming first-person horror game called Perturbia is currently looking for support on Steam’s Greenlight. I recently did a news post about the game arriving on Greenlight, as well as what the game aims to achieve with its gameplay and artistic direction, comparing it to titles like Condemned: Criminal Origins and Silent Hill. Well, with such comparisons made, many gamers questioned if Imaginary Game Studios’ first-person, emergent horror title would arrive on eighth-gen consoles? Well, I asked and they answered. Continue reading