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Senior Microsoft Employee Shows Support For #GamerGate

Microsoft GamerGate

In addition to the “Xbro” developer that came out in support of #GamerGate previously, and partook in Escapist Magazine’s developer interview, another high-level Microsoft employee has come out in favor of the consumer revolt, telling gamers to keep fighting the good fight.
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Unreal Engine 4.5 Released With Ray Traced Shadow Rendering

Unreal Engine 4.5

The next generation of game engine technology has arrived with the Unreal Engine 4.5. Epic Games announced that not only is the Unreal Engine 4.5 here for aspiring game developers and established studios alike. The big new feature for the 4.5 release is the addition of distanced ray traced shadow rendering. That’s real-time rendering by the way, not just pre-rendering. Continue reading

Phil Spencer On DX12 For Xbox One: Hardware Doesn’t Change When You Go To DX12

Xbox One Custom Theme

Xbox One division boss Phil Spencer had a recent interview with The Inner Circle, discussing and addressing some of the common concerns and interests about the Xbox One and its features. The interview revealed a ton of interesting things, including the ability to customize the Xbox One’s background and theme as well as what gamers can realistically expect from DirectX 12. Continue reading

#GamerGate: Shadow Of Mordor Brand Deal Sees Plaid Social, Warner Bros On Lockdown

Shadow of Mordor

A lot of strawman arguments have been made that #GamerGate hasn’t been putting forth the appropriate effort in “exposing corruption” from the larger AAA studios; that the movement is steeped in “misogyny” and no one is trying to root out the evils of the industry.  Nevertheless, the excuse looks awfully silly as people begin to dig into the brand deals surrounding Shadow of Mordor, because it’s been revealed that both companies allegedly involved with striking up the contracts have gone into complete and utter media lockdown. Continue reading

Ubisoft: We Did Not Lower The Specs For Assassin’s Creed Unity


A new update has emerged for the Assassin’s Creed parity debate. The game and the company came under fire recently when it was revealed that Ubisoft has managed to enforce parity on Assassin’s Creed Unity between the Xbox One and PS4 versions of the game to taper off the debates about the resolution and frame-rate specifications between Microsoft and Sony’s consoles. Continue reading

Plex App Now Available For Xbox One, Xbox 360

Plex 2

In the past, gamers trying to make use of the Xbox One’s DLNA support have been relegated to makeshift, Jerry-rigged alternatives. One of those alternatives included using Plex, a software application that allows you to share and stream your library of media files with other devices across a single account. Well, technically you could use Plex on the Xbox One as a poor man’s DLNA alternative, but only through the web browser. It was like using an alternative for an alternative. Well, thankfully Plex has made things a heck of a lot easier by just releasing the full Xbox One and Xbox 360 app for Xbox owners. Continue reading

Assassin’s Creed Unity Only 900p, 30fps For PS4, Xbox One For The Sake Of Parity

Assassin's Creed Unity

It wasn’t too long ago that there was a piece here at One Angry Gamer about certain games becoming part of a trend to maintain spec parity. The article covered whether or not AAA titles being held back or downgraded for the sake of maintaining parity would become a regular exercise from studios trying to keep the manufacturers happy. Well, it looks like Ubisoft is hopping onto the parity-trend train, as Assassin’s Creed Unity will be forced at 900p and 30fps on both the Xbox One and PS4. Continue reading