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Giana Sisters HD Director’s Cut Arrives On Xbox One, PS4 In December

Giana Sisters

If you’ve been eagerly awaiting the release of the Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams on the Xbox One and PS4, you’re in luck. The game is getting an HD director’s cut release on the eighth-gen twins starting mid-December, next month. Continue reading

DayZ Will Get Basic Vehicles In Early 2015


Man, it seems like it’s been a long time since the last major update for DayZ… or I just haven’t been paying too much attention to what’s been happening in the realm of Chenarus due to all the corruption seeping out from behind the seams of the media’s lie-filled hugbox. Nevertheless, DayZ has some really interesting things on the horizon, including vehicles, animal companions and a price hike following the Steam Autumn sale. Continue reading

Assassin’s Creed Montage Videos Revel In All The Good Parts Without The Glitches

Assassin's Creed Montage

The history of Assassin’s Creed – as a brand – will probably be one of both admiration and disdain; a small hint of appreciation sprinkled in with the salt and pepper of disgust. I imagine a lot of fond memories of Assassin’s Creed may fade in time as the series continues its annual devolution on a strict development cycle on a bloated budget. Well, despite the harsh realities associated with the crunch-time of AAA development, there’s someone on YouTube doing nothing more than paying fan-service to the highlights of the Assassin’s Creed series with some very well-done montages. Continue reading

WWE Releases WWE 2K15 John Cena Entrance Video

WWE 2K15

It’s been available for the past couple of days, but I imagine for anyone who was a wrestling fan that got entrapped in the daily grind called life or that little nuisance known as work, you may have missed out on the initial hoopla surrounding the release of WWE 2K15 for the Xbox One and PS4. As a bit of a promotional reminder, the WWE let loose a video featuring John Cena making his iconic entrance on the eight-gen rendition of Yukes’ annual wrestling title. Continue reading

DC Universe Online: War Of Light Part 2 DLC Now Available

DC Universe Online

Sony Online Entertainment announced that the 12th expansion pack for DC Universe Online, their free-to-play superhero MMORPG, has gone live. The pack, titled War of Light Part II, has launched as a free upgrade for subscribers of DC Universe Online and is available as a premium piece of DLC for non-members. Continue reading

GTA 5’s Controversial Sex Scenes Draws Response From Take-Two CEO


Videos of GTA V’s first-person sex scenes have been making the rounds and circulating throughout the gaming sphere. Gamers have been able to see first-hand exactly what it looks like to get it on with a prostitute in first-person. Some gamers thought it was cool. Some gamers thought it was repulsive. Some gamers thought Rockstar had gone too far. Well, the CEO of Take-Two Interactive, the parent company of Rockstar Games, has finally chimed in on all the chatter surrounding the chronically controversial Grand Theft Auto V. Continue reading

Never Alone Launch Trailer Is Hauntingly Beautiful

Never Alone

If you take Limbo, Atanarjuat: The Fast Runner and Child of Light, and then put them into a blender and mix them around real good until there’s a creamy parfait of mystical, side-scrolling action with a bit of history and a hint of a cultural endangerment, and you get Never Alone. Continue reading

Tekken 7 Gameplay Video Introduces New Counter-Attacks

Tekken 7

Bandai Namco released the newest trailer for Tekken 7 featuring some of the new characters, the new moves and a brand spanking new counter-attack system that enables players to charge through an opponent’s combo and retaliate with their own devastating beatdown. The trailer runs for just over three minutes and features plenty of hard-hitting fisticuffs. Continue reading