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Freak, Stealth-Oriented Zombie Game Lands On Kickstarter

Crowned Daemon Studios upcoming game Freak has hopped onto the crowd-funding platform Kickstarter. The game is seeking $51,000 as the…

EVO 2015 Official Tournament Schedule
EVO 2015

The official EVO 2015 series tournament schedule for all of the games that will be present has been made public….

F1 2015 System Specs Released And They Aren’t Light
F1 2015

Codemasters is set to return to the racing rink with F1 2015 this week. They released the full system specifications…

Anna’s Quest Complete Gameplay Walkthrough
Anna's Quest

Daedalic Entertainment’s Anna’s Quest is the newest point-and-click game from the German developers. It’s been talked about frequently enough in…

The Amber Throne Proves RPG Maker Games Can Look Exceptional
The Amber Throne

Joshua Missile’s The Amber Throne recently launched on Steam for the low price of $14.99. The game is made with…

Cross Reverie, 3D JRPG Heads To Kickstarter, Steam Greenlight
Cross Reverie

A new 3D JRPG has made it onto Steam’s Greenlight and the crowd-funding platform Kickstarter from indie studio Sinxsoft. The…

Developers Show 18 Minutes Of No Man’s Sky Gameplay
No Man's Sky

Fans of the planetary exploring game No Man’s Sky should be delighted in hearing this news. A new video arrived and…

Star Wars: Battlefront Leaked Alpha Videos Causes Controversy On Reddit
Star Wars: Battlefront

It seems like Reddit is frequently in the news lately and not for good things. One of the most recent…

Final Fantasy XIV Mac Sales Temporarily Suspended; Refunds Offered
Final Fantasy XIV

Square Enix has a very lengthy post over on the official Final Fantasy XIV website, where producer and director of…

DICE Comments On Star Wars Battlefront’s Single Player Replay Value
Star Wars: Battlefront

Star Wars: Battlefront featured a slight story mode in the first game, it was nothing serious, same as the second…

Cradle, Futuristic Cyber-Junk Adventure Game Launches July 24th

Flying Cafe Games’ strange and equally fascinating futuristic, cyber-junk adventure game Cradle is set for release on July 24th at…

Star Wars: Imperial Assault Scout Trooper Pack Released For Arma 3
Star Wars: Imperial Assault

The developers said they would do it and they delivered. Blue Harvest Interactive released the first mod pack for their…

Renoir, Unreal Engine 4 Mystery Gets Broody On Kickstarter

Soulbound Games wants to go from working part time on their side-scrolling, noir-inspired murder mystery game, Renoir, to working full…

Mojang, Telltale Offer Details On Minecraft: Story Mode
Minecraft: Story Mode

 The very popular Minecraft game is widely known among a vast majority of people, and the game caught quite a…

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