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Bethesda Releases New Fallout 4 Video Detailing Charisma
Fallout 4

Bethesda Softworks is back at it again with another video detailing the Charisma skill in a direct yet indirect way….

Skyrim’s The Forgotten City Expansion Is Now Available
Skyrim: The Forgotten City

Featuring an original soundtrack, up to eight hours of brand new gameplay experiences, choice-driven moral dilemmas, puzzles and multiple endings,…

Pavilion, Hand-Painted Puzzle Game Seeks Votes On Steam Greenlight

Visiontrick took to Steam and seeks to pass their puzzle game through the Greenlight segment. However, at this rate and…

Ninja Pizza Girl, Quirky Parkour Game Gets Some Love On Steam
Ninja Pizza Girl

Disparity Games spent the last year working on a 3D, side-scrolling parkour game similar to Mirror’s Edge that’s all about…

Need For Speed Beta Video Previews Crashes, Car Damage And Cops
Need For Speed 2015

Even though Electronic Arts and Ghost Games have issued NDAs for the beta of Need For Speed, some gamers just…

Clumsy Moose Season Is a Crazy Shooting, Racing, Platformer
Clumsy Moose Season

A multiplayer, stunt-based, racing, shooting, platformer called Clumsy Moose Season has just landed on Steam Greenlight and it looks like…

Laserlife Explores Existentialism Using Music-Rhythm And Gamers Like It

Choice Provisions’ new music-rhythm game called Laserlife is about a dead astronaut who has floated to the far reaches of…

ARK: Survival Evolved Frog Taming Guide
ARK: Survival Evolved

One of the new animals in ARK: Survival Evolved is a frog called the Beelzebufo. You can tame the frog…

Black Desert Online’s Russian Open Beta Doesn’t Have Region Restrictions
Black Desert Online

Developer Pearl Abyss has a gold mine on their hands with Black Desert Online. It’s a high-end MMORPG with non-targeting…

RPG Maker MV Pre-Purchase Bonus Includes Free DLC Pack
RPG Maker MV

Degica and Kadokawa’s RPG Maker MV is gearing up for release on October 23rd and they’re including a special pre-order…

Albert And Otto – The Adventure Begins Coming To Steam October 28th
Albert and Otto

Publisher KBros Games and Indie developer Nikola Kostic are working on a similar themed game like Limbo, but it’s called…

Angels Fall First, Planetside Clone Launches On Early Access
Angels Fall First

Designed to be like Planetside 2 or Star Wars: Battlefront, the new first-person shooter Angels Fall First combines vehicular combat…

Ubisoft Moves Trackmania Turbo’s Release Date To Early 2016

The fast racing game with unique twists, turns and impossible stunts, better know as Trackmania Turbo, has been moved to…

Lost Horizon 2 Now Available On Steam
Lost Horizon 2

Animation Arts and Deep Silver’s point-and-click sequel to the period-piece adventure game Lost Horizon is now available for Steam. The…

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