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Sleepers Teaser Trailer Unleashes Sci-Fi Horror
Sleepers Game

A new teaser trailer for Sleepers from developers Camel 101 has gone live. It features some some corridor walking, some…

Heroes Of The Storm: Diablo Apocalypse Build Guide
Heroes of the Storm Guide

A new guide has surfaced for playing as the hero Diablo in Heroes of the Storm. This follows the latest…

Chariot Wars Launches On Steam, Lets Gamers Unleash Their Inner Ben Hur
Chariot Wars

Ported from the Android to PC by Om Entertainment, Chariot Wars is a 3D racing game that can be played…

Mad Max Trailer Focuses On The Savage Road
Mad Max: Savage Road

Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment released a new trailer for Avalanche Studios’ upcoming open-world action game, Mad Max. The new trailer…

The Isle: Dinosaur Survival Game Is Adorned With Praise On Greenlight
The Isle

Following closely on the heels of Ark: Survival Evolved being announced, another dinosaur survival game, indie developers behind the upcoming…

GTA 5 Drift Mod, 4×4 Physics Mod Released
GTA 5 Drift Mod

Love The Fast & The Furious? Want to perform some hot drag racing wheelies in your muscle car just like…

Heroes Of The Storm How To Earn Gold Fast
Heroes of the Storm guide

Heroes of the Storm is now in open beta and a flood of new gamers are signing up to play….

Star Citizen’s Bengal Video Leaked And It’s Glorious
Star Citizen

Assets for one of Star Citizen’s upcoming spaceships called the Bengal have been leaked online. One user decided to put…

PowerSlave EX Public Beta Is Free To Download
PowerSlave EX

An old first-person shooter that released on PC, PSX and the Sega Saturn from way back in the day has…

AMD Offers Up Memorial Day Deals On Gaming Gear

Looking for a new gaming desktop? Perhaps you’re in need of a new GPU or a new tower case? Well,…

GTA 5 Texture Mods Are Now Possible
GTA 5 Texture Mod

It’s been a long time in the waiting room but gamers can finally start swapping out textures in GTA V….

Hatred Pre-Orders Closed; Pre-Order Buyers Gain Early Access

If you pre-ordered Hatred then you’re eligible to play the game several days before everyone else. In fact, for those…

Project CARS Multiplayer Video Battles It Out In Stock Cars
Project CARS

Project CARS has been making some waves on the market at the moment, for better and for worse. However, for…

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