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DayZ Standalone: AK101 Loot And Location Guide

DayZ Standalone

A new video from YouTube user WOBO details all the locations for the AK101 and its ammo, as well as the mechanical differences between the AKM and M4. The video is expertly detailed in ways that’s very rarely depicted in loot guides, but the video is well worth a watch for anyone who needs help getting their hands on the automatic assault rifle. Continue reading

Gods Will Be Watching Gets Hammered By Gamers For Lack Of Consequences

Gods Will Be Watching

The recent release of the point-and-click adventure game Gods Will Be Watching has created quite a divide in how some people view the game, as well as some lopsided criticisms on what the game managed to get wrong on a massive scale. The funny part about it is that the frustrations extend well beyond the typical game reviewer and actually managed to catch quite bit of critical ire from the average gamer. Continue reading

Payday The Heist

Payday: The Heist Will Be Completely Free For 24 Hours On October 18th

Payday The Heist

Want to own the original game that helped put Overkill Software on the map? Well, you’ll be able to do so starting October 18th. The very first Payday: The Heist will be available for free, for 24 hours starting October 18th. Anyone who downloads the game will be able to keep the game… forever! Well, technically you’ll be able to keep it for as long as you keep using Steam, or for as long as Valve keeps Steam’s doors open, or for as long as you’re alive. Either one, really. Continue reading

Quadrant Is a Horror Game Set in 1979, Lands On Steam Greenlight


HKFiftyOne Games recently put up a new game to garner attention and a bit of eyes from the world of the gaming community called Quadrant. It’s one of those retro-set horror titles that takes place in 1979 in a NASA research facility that has gone dark for unknown reasons. The game looks pretty slick and reminds me a heck of a lot of Creative Assembly’s upcoming Alien: Isolation for home consoles and PC. Continue reading

Space Engineers Gets Star Wars Snowspeeder, Halo Covenant Carrier Mods

Space Engineers

A few new noteworthy mods have invaded the isle of galactic awesome known as Space Engineers. The game is designed by Keen Software House and offers players up a wide range of awesome utilities to basically craft and build limitless objects in space by gathering materials and building to your heart’s desire. Some of the latest mods to catch the attention of users includes a sexy, 1:1 modeled Snowspeeder from Star Wars, as well as a Covenant corvette class carrier from Halo. Continue reading

Legend Of Korra Gameplay Video Details Modes, Features, Replay Value

Legend of Korra game

A new video has surfaced for The Legend of Korra from Platinum Games and Activision in collaboration with Nickelodeon. The video hedges close to the edge of being 15 minutes but stops short at the 13 minute mark instead. We learn about the gameplay, the mini-games, the combat and more. Continue reading

My Name Is Addiction Interview: The Long Road To Overcoming Addiction

My Name is Addiction

I suppose if you’re not keen on the topic of addiction, pornographic addiction or the process in which someone may deal with that addiction, this subject matter probably isn’t for you. However, if you don’t mind learning something a bit about the creative process of tackling mature subject matter (while also dealing with that nagging burden on your shoulder) in an interactive visual novel, this interview just might enlighten you to some of what goes on in the mind-frame of individuals dealing with the difficult circumstance. Continue reading