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Pillars Of Eternity Scores Tons Of High Praise: Welcome Home Baldur’s Gate Fans
Pillars of Eternity

All across social media the gaming community have been cheering and celebrating with winsome glee. Why? Because Obsidian Entertainment’s throwback…

Divinity: Original Sin Dev Talks Boob-Plates, Sexism And Moral Outrage
Divinity: Original Sin

#GamerGate has been slandered in the media and defamed by Wikipedia. It’s no surprise given that consumers are going directly…

Total War: Attila Blood And Burning DLC Has Enraged Consumers
Total War: Attila

If you’ve always had a problem paying for stuff that used to be included in the base game, then you’re…

EA Offers Solution For Battlefield Hardline DRM Problem
Battlefield Hardline

Some PC gamers have run into problems with Battlefield Hardline. The game has a limited number of hardware profile registries…

Tales From The Borderlands Episode 2 Complete Gameplay Walkthrough
Tales From The Borderlands

The second episode for Tales From the Borderlands, Telltale’s latest game in the story-oriented Borderlands saga, has launched for home…

Toejam And Early Surpasses Kickstarter Goal With Time To Spare
Toejam & Early: Back In The Groove

Humanature Studios has successfully surpassed their Kickstarter goal, managing to rack up more than $425,500 on a goal of $400,000….

Roblox’s Zombies Are Attacking McDonald’s 4 Is As Hilarious As It Sounds
Zombies Are Attacking McDonald's

Roblox user BobbySayHi has been adapting, evolving and growing a game series using the Roblox platform called Zombies Are Attacking… Distribution Service Lets Devs Set Revenue Share For Games

Most gamers who download from and keep up to date with Steam know that Valve’s digital distribution service has a…

Battlefield Hardline PC DRM Causes Heartache For Hardware Enthusiasts
Battlefield Hardline

Electronic Arts has come back into the spotlight once again for Origin and not in a very good way. The…

Triad Wars Garners Fairly Positive Preview Reactions
Triad Wars

Square Enix and United Front Games have been really pushing for the free-to-play Triad Wars to take off. They’ve had…

Cyberpunk 3776 Bullet-Hell Arcade Shooter Now Available On Steam
Cyberpunk 3776

Peter Hann’s Cyberpunk 3776 has just launched on Steam. It’s a side-scrolling, bullet-hell arcade shooter. The game landed on Steam…

Pillars Of Eternity: Dev Doc Chronicles The Stress, Highlights Of Kickstarter
Pillars of Eternity

Leading up to the release of Pillars of Eternity, Obsidian Entertainment and Paradox Interactive have a new behind-the-scenes developer documentary…

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