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Assault Android Cactus Coming To Wii U, PS4, PS Vita This Summer
Assault Android Cactus

A new twin-stick shooter is inbound for PC and home consoles this summer from Witch Beam called Assault Android Cactus….

Project CARS On Wii U Could Go The Route Of Monochroma
Project CARS

Did you hear? Monochroma, the Kickstarted, industrial-punk side-scroller from Nowhere Studios isn’t coming to the Xbox 360, PS Vita, Ouya…

Project CARS Hits Snag On Wii U, Devs Consider Nintendo NX Port
Project CARS

There is some unsettling news spilling out of the inner forums surrounding Project CARS on the Wii U. The game…

Project CARS Multiplayer Video Battles It Out In Stock Cars
Project CARS

Project CARS has been making some waves on the market at the moment, for better and for worse. However, for…

Weekly Recap: GTA 5 Glitch Videos Get Nuked And 4 More Stories
Weekly Recap

This week was mostly just about gaming. Thank goodness. Lots of news about games and trailers and teasers. There were…

Don’t Starve Giant Edition Coming To Wii U May 28th
Don't Starve Giant Edition

Klei Entertainment recently announced that Don’t Starve: Giant Edition is coming to the Wii U in North America starting May…

Weekly Recap: #GamerGate Isn’t About Harassment, Witcher 3 Downgrades
Vivian James2 - Molestia

This week came and went pretty quickly, but the big news was that #GamerGate is making even more headway away…

90’s Arcade Racer New 60fps Wii U Gameplay Trailer
90's Arcade Racer

The upcoming racing title that was Kickstarted into existence called The 90’s Arcade Racer has received a new promotional video…

Nintendo E3 2015 Schedule
Nintendo E3 2015

The Nintendo E3 schedule has been rolled out and that includes another digital event that takes place on June 16th…

Mighty No. 9 New Video Shows First Level In Action
Mighty No. 9

A near 20 minute video has been published online to give gamers a really extensive look at the upcoming crowd-funded…

More Mario Kart 8, Super Smash Bros DLC Coming For Wii U
Mario Kart 8

In Nintendo’s latest financial report they’ve announced that new DLC for Mario Kart 8 will continue to roll out like…

High Strangeness, 12-Bit RPG Available On Wii U, PC
High Strangeness

High Strangeness is the crowd-funded RPG that has finally made its way to PC and the Wii U. It’s a…

Project CARS Launch Trailer Is Live
Project CARS

The launch trailer for Project CARS has gone live. The highly anticipated racing game is set to arrive on the…

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