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#GamerGate: EA Outed For Covering Up 40,000 Users Being Hacked

Electronic Arts

Mainstream gaming outlets have been reporting on the incident of EA hiding the fact that many of their users were hacked back in September, 2013. However, all of these outlets seem to be leaving out a very key aspect as to how this story came out and why: A former games journalist for Australian games media came forward to out various forms of corruption within the games industry, following the strong push-back from gamers against unethical media practices in the form of #GamerGate. Continue reading

GameStop Offers $20 Off PlayStation Gold Wireless Headset With Coupon Code

Gamestop Deal

GameStop has a new deal currently going on for $20 off a PlayStation gold headset with a new coupon code. They’ve also announced that they have a special $50 off deal on consumer electronics, too. So if you’re looking to grab a new Amazon Kindle or mobile tablet, GameStop is trying to make it convenient for gamers and technophiles to grab gear at a discounted price. I can’t readily say that everything on sale is a great deal but some of the stuff might be worth it, depending on what you’re looking for. Continue reading

Call Of Duty: Heroes Beta Lands On iPhones, iPads

Call of Duty Heroes

A new Call of Duty is launching only this time it’s on the platforms that all the big publishers believe will destroy home consoles and handheld gaming: phones and tablets. The name of the new CoD is Call of Duty: Heroes, and it’s a real-time strategy game designed to be played from the comfort of an Apple handset while offering classic and iconic heroes from the Call of Duty franchise. Continue reading

Infinity Blade Collectible Figurines Now Available

Infinity Blade Collectibles

I’m not really into mobile gaming (at all) but one of the titles that always stood out to me was ChAIR Entertainment’s Infinity Blade series that worked as the definitive showcase of the Unreal Engine on mobile devices. I always thought the games were just so cool looking and had such a neat, dynamic lore that deserved more than just an outing on iOS devices. Well, the series is definitely growing but not in the way that I thought; ChAIR and Sandboxr have announced that they have partnered together for Infinity Blade collectible figurines. Continue reading

Bears Can’t Drift Bringing Mario Kart-Style Racing To Ouya, Steam, PS4

Bears Can't Drift - PS4, Ouya, Steam

You can never have enough multiplayer, split-screen, kart-racing games. Bears Can’t Drift is another one of the clones that aims to help rekindle the fun, thrills and excitement that comes along with playing games with your friends or family right there on the couch beside you. The game actually looks pretty darn fun and there’s even a playable demo made available for skeptics. Continue reading

Jenny Leclue: Detectivu Lands On Steam Greenlight And Kickstarter

Jenny Leclue Detectivu

20 days to go and the game is already 67% funded on Kickstarter. Amazing progress if I must say so myself. The name of the game is Jenny Leclue: Detectivu and the project is headed up by Mografi. Simply put, this point-and-click, adventure-mystery game looks genuinely delightful. Check it out in action and see for yourself why so many gamers are throwing their money at the screen. Continue reading

Dungeon Defenders Eternity Launches With Cross-Platform Support

Dungeon Defenders Eternity

I loved the original Dungeon Defenders; it’s a great game with awesome content, hundreds of hours worth of replaybility and enough loot-and-grind gameplay to make Diablo a little bit jealous. Well, Trendy Entertainment recently announced that they’re advancing on the original Dungeon Defenders by unleashing Dungeon Defenders Eternity. The new game boasts brand new content, rebalanced heroes and, best of all, cross-platform support. Continue reading