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Top 10 Best Video Games of 2014

Top 10 Games of 2014

Games HQ Media has a list of the top 10 best video games of 2014. They roll out a list of the games via an easy-to-digest video that you can check out and agree or disagree with as you see fit. I’m not going to waste a lot of words; I’ll let you get right to it. Continue reading

Robert Bowling’s Human Element Abandons Free-To-Play Model

Human Element

Robert Bowling left Activision and the Call of Duty franchise behind to pursue the dream of making a game that wasn’t a fast-paced, military sim churned out annually to the tune of $1 billion. It’s a noble goal and one that hasn’t completely seen its full fruition, mainly because the studio he formed, Robotoki, just found themselves stepping away from the publisher over the antipodal direction of the monetary model for Human Element. Continue reading

Rogue Wizards Greenlit For Steam While Kickstarter Counts Down

Rogue Wizards

Spellbind Studios is nearing the end of their crowd-funding run on Kickstarter. The game has seven days left and the team is currently sitting at $54,632 out of the $70,000 goal. It’s not impossible for the team to hit their crowd-funding target, but it is uphill struggle. On the bright side of fence, the team has also acknowledged that they’ve been approved to appear on Steam’s store. Continue reading

Legena: Union Tides Rekindles 16-Bit JRPG Goodness For PC, Android, OUYA


Grandpa Pixel is working on a brand new 16-bit inspired role-playing game that brings back the puzzles, the adventure, the travel and the combat from a bygone era made popular by bright, Japanese-storytelling engineers. The name of the game is Legena: Union Tides, and it’s an isometric title that’s currently going through a moderate Kickstarter program with a goal of only $1,000. Continue reading

Pier Solar HD Now Available On PS3, PS4, PC, Ouya

Pier Solar HD

Pier Solar HD is a love letter to the 16-bit JRPG era, paying homage in particular to the Sega Genesis role-playing genre. The HD remix of the game sports cleaned up sprites and high definition audio. The game has recently launched for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PC and the Ouya. Why the Ouya before the Wii U? I have no idea, but it supposedly had something to do with a certification hiccup. Continue reading