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OreLight Takes A Procedural Trip Onto Steam Early Access

GeekBeach’s procedural, dungeon-crawling RPG, OreLight, has recently launched on Steam’s Early Access platform. The new game sees players attempting to…

Heroes Of The Storm: Abathur Death Hat Build Guide
Heroes of the Storm

Heroes of the Storm is in full swing and bringing in a ton of new players each and every day….

DayZ Teases New Renderer Update And Holding Breath While Tired

A status report was recently issued for DayZ over on the official DayZ blog. The team discusses their work on…

The Witcher 3 Receives More Quests In Weekly DLC
The Witcher 3

 The Witcher 3 has a big list of nice content flowing from it, and provides players enough sub-plots, main quests,…

Tearaway Unfolded E3 Screenshots Arrive For PS4

Media Molecule released a batch of new screenshots for the upcoming game Tearaway Unfolded for the PS4. The original Tearaway…

All Is Dust Launches To Mixed Reactions On Steam
All Is Dust

All Is Dust is a period piece horror game set within 1930s Oklahoma. The adventure horror title from Mannequin Games…

Sony Dominates Europe With 90% Market Share

Microsoft is going to be spending a lot of time playing catchup in Europe if Sony Computer Entertainment Europe’s president…

Battlezone Remakes Inbound Via Rebellion Games

The era of the remakes. It’s not a bad time to be a gamer in spite of all the bull-crap…

Solar Crusaders, Rogue-Like Multiplayer 4X Game Preps For Beta
Solar Crusaders

If you’ve been itching to sweep the galaxy and explore the stars in a rogue-like space sim similar to FTL,…

Magerealm Free Gift Codes Giveaway [Open]

Youzu Games and GTArcade have a special promotion running for the free-to-play, action-oriented MMO, Magerealm. They’re giving away cash shop…

Albion Alpha Test Gets Underway For Legendary, Epic Founders
Albion Online

Craft. Trade. Conquer. That’s the maxim behind Sandbox Interactive’s latest MMO that supposedly wants to rekindle the player-governed gameplay in…

Yoshi’s Woolly World Complete Gameplay Walkthrough
Yoshi's Woolly World

One of the recent games to come out for the Wii U that hasn’t been talked about very much is…

Super Chibi Knight Celebrates Colorful Adventures For Kids Of All Ages
Super Chibi Knight

One of the recent games to graduate from Early Access and officially release on Steam is a father-daughter indie title…

Her Story Rekindles FMV Concept As A Fragmented Mystery
Her Story

Sam Barlow’s Her Story has been talked about quite a bit in the press and on social media. It came…

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