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Pier Solar HD Now Available On PS3, PS4, PC, Ouya

Pier Solar HD

Pier Solar HD is a love letter to the 16-bit JRPG era, paying homage in particular to the Sega Genesis role-playing genre. The HD remix of the game sports cleaned up sprites and high definition audio. The game has recently launched for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PC and the Ouya. Why the Ouya before the Wii U? I have no idea, but it supposedly had something to do with a certification hiccup. Continue reading

#GamerGate: I Don’t See Any Point In Negotiating, Says Games Writer

Matt Lees

“I don’t see any point in negotiating”, says Matt Lees in a recent interview with MCV UK. I tend to agree. There’s no point in negotiating because there’s nothing to negotiate. The consumer is always right; and in this case, they are taking the necessary steps to remove the toxic and unnecessary elements from games media. Journalists who no longer want to serve their audience can kindly exit the field. Continue reading


#GamerGate: Intel Pulls Ad Support From GamaSutra Over ‘Gamers Are Dead’ Article


Scott Nichols, a former Kraft media rep, really knew what he was talking about when he unwittingly gave #GamerGate the kind of ammo that we’re seeing being used to bring down the sites guilty of perpetuating the toxic scarring of game culture. Today, Intel has confirmed to multiple sources that they are pulling ad support for GamaSutra. And folks, this is just the beginning. Continue reading

The Sims 4 Gets Free Star Wars Content; Pools Coming In November

The Sims 4

There’s a bit of good news for gamers who have been craving some sort of resolve to The Sims 4 and the missing toddlers and pools debacle. Well, toddlers are still a no-go. You’ll just have to simulate your character’s virtual life without the stage of going through being a toddler. However, Electronic Arts did extend a small olive branch in the form of acknowledging that pools will be coming… for free. Continue reading

Postal Dev Comes Out In Support Of #GamerGate While Postal 2 Is 80% Off

Postal Dude

Running With Scissors’ Vince Desiderio and crew took to their website’s forum to write out a lengthy post about the company’s position on #GamerGate. It’s unsurprising that the studio behind the critically offensive, open-world action game series, Postal, would rain down a series of snarky comments on the Moral Justice Warriors and their merry band of biased and toxic journalists. Continue reading

Interstellar Marines: NeuroGen Co-op Mission Released

Interstellar Marines

Zero Point Software has been really bringing the thunder with Interstellar Marines, the science-fiction first-person shooter. Their latest update for the game offers players a lengthy new cooperative mission called the NeuroGen Incident. In addition to the update going live there’s been some pretty neat videos releasing that gives gamers an idea of what to expect from the new mission. Continue reading

GAMDIAS’ Budget-Priced Gaming Keyboards, Mice, Headsets Now Available


Looking to get in on the high-end gaming peripheral scene but find yourself working with a budget? Well, GAMDIAS has a series of new gadgets available for gamers who have to exercise a bit of frugality this holiday season. They have two new headsets, some new mice and a keyboard combo for some relatively decent prices. Continue reading

Project CARS Vs Real Life: Caterham 7 On Brands Hatch

Project CARS

A new video has popped up comparing Project CARS and real-life. We get to see the Caterham 7 go head-to-head on the ultra settings versus the real-life version of the vehicle on the popular British track, Brands Hatch. The video is short and sweet and continues to build a rather impressive narrative for Project CARS as the visual must-have racing game of the fall season. Continue reading