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If you need help in League of Legends, whether it be finding the best build to suit a Champion’s needs, or finding the right Rune or Item stacks for your favorite character, you’ll find everything you need right here.

League Of Legends Dr. Mundo Lane, Jungle Guide

League of Legends Dr. Mundo

Given all the disturbing details surrounding the “Five Guys Burgers & Fries” fallout, it’s sometimes nice to have a little levity in the form an off-beat guide for a completely unrelated topic. In this case, the guide happens to be for League of Legends Champion Dr. Mundo, the madman of Zuan. Continue reading

League Of Legends Diana Jungle, Mid-Lane Guide

League of Legends - Diana Guide

Given all the changes, updates, modifications and nerfs to a lot of the characters in League of Legends, some characters are better suited for some jobs over others. In this case, Diana – while a very versatile mid-to-close range fighter – seems as if she’s been relegated to the role of jungling and providing support in the lanes as a kind of stealthy backstabber. This little guide here will help players get adjusted to Diana, and how to kick butt and take names without having your own butt kicked to the high moons and jettisoned into the farthest reaches of space. Continue reading

League Of Legends Darius Top Lane Guide

League of Legends Darius Guide

One of the fighter tanks in League of Legends is Darius, a sort of old-school character who probably has a hard time find unique work in the over-saturated MMO genre, and probably had to settle for a low-wage job being overworked and under-paid as a Champion in League of Legends, pumping out moderate DPS as a hybrid fighter/tank. Yeah, the economy hit everyone hard, even those generic tank-warriors from those knock-off Korean MMORPGs. But even though Darius fits the bill as a standard armor-wearing grunt, he may pack a little more to his punch than meets the eye. Continue reading

League Of Legends Corki AP Build Guide

League of Legends Corki Guide

Lane poking sounds like something you would expect from a VW Beetle that’s small enough nudge between a larger SUV and force it out of the way. And while that image might make you burn inside, the reality is that lane poking has nothing to do with smaller cars moving bigger cars out of the way… well, maybe a little. Anyway, lane poking is when an annoying little Champion comes in and starts peppering you with long-range abilities in League of Legends; not only that but they annoy you so much that you either chase them down or you get bullied out of the way so that the poker and their teammates can take over. Corki, the daring bombardier, is a lane poker. Continue reading

League Of Legends Cho’Gath Top-Lane Pro Guide

League of Legends Cho'Gath Guide

One of the more underrated Champions in the extensive and ever-expanding roster of characters in League of Legends is Cho’Gath the terror of the void. Basically it looks like an ugly offspring of the Violater from Spawn and that hideous alien-human hybrid from Aliens: Resurrection. But ugliness aside, Cho’Gath can throw down with the best ‘em, offering players a beastly tank that can also strip away another player’s life with attack damage faster than Rob Ford can check into rehab. Continue reading

League Of Legends Cassiopeia Fight-And-Flight Guide

League of Legends - Cassiopeia Guide

Some characters are good at kiting enemies and running away, only to return and then finish them off. Cassiopeia is one of those characters capable of luring enemies in for the gank and then taking flight before biting the dust herself. Known as “the Serpent’s Embrace”, Cassiopeia is one of the more difficult characters to master and fits into the role of a mage. Her primary function is to help other AD characters in the mid-lane while sneaking in and out of fights like the serpent’s tail on the lower half of her body. Continue reading

League Of Legends Caitlyn Lane Guide

League of Legends Caitlyn Guide

Oh you’re back for another League of Legends guide? Well, you’re luck because this one here covers the terribly generic and completely average Caitlyn. What’s so special about Caitlyn? Well, nothing really. If you like a generic long range character, Caitlyn is the perfect, generically decent long range character. She’s not terribly hard to play because she only has one main purpose and that’s as a long range marksman. She’s good as a support damage-dealer and if you like tagging and stringing enemies along (also known as kiting) then Caitlyn is your girl. Continue reading

League Of Legends Braum Full Support Tank Guide

League of Legends Braum Guide

One of the things somewhat lamented by the League of Legends crowd is the lack of full tank support in the game. There are a lot of support characters and classes, but it’s easy to notice how so few of them actually just stand there in the open and absorb damage like George Foreman, or better yet, Butterbean. Well, there is one character who was built to take damage like a Jaguar was built to zap your bank account dry. Braum is his name and he’s the heart of the Freljord. This guide will walk you through getting the most out of the character as a full support tank. Continue reading