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Dota 2 Tiny Build, Jungle And Lane Guide

Dota 2 Tiny Guide

Defense of the Ancients 2 is still rocking a strong user-base even though other games are quickly growing and expanding in its mammoth wake. For those still putting time into the game, there are ways to quickly make use of some of the heroes without having to put in hours, upon hours of testing and gameplay to figure out how to make the most use of a hero. Instead, you can grab a quick guide for your favorite character and learn how to play them without having to go through the painstaking process of trial and error. Continue reading

Dota 2 Pudge Meat Hook Guide

Dota 2 Pudge Guide

It’s time to get back into the groove of rolling out more guides for Valve’s Defense of the Ancients 2. The latest guide focuses on the the strength hero (even though he looks like a villain) Pudge. This guy is appropriately known as “The Butcher”, giving gamers a meaty character who can hook, rip and shred opponents to pieces while taking equal amounts of damage that he can dish out. Continue reading

Dota 2 Sven Support-Carry Guide

Dota 2 Sven Guide

Defense of the Ancients 2 continues to steam roll through the gaming sphere as one of the biggest online games in today’s generation of competitive eSports. Beyond the professional ring, some players just want to learn how to play DotA 2 decently, and some just want to know how to play at all. It can be an overwhelming game to get into for beginners, but thankfully there are plenty of helpful guides out there to give you a heads-up and a bit of direction on how to play each of the characters out there, including very high-skill level heroes such as Sven. Continue reading

Dota 2 Axe Jungle And Lane Guide

Dota 2 Axe Guide

One of the most popular but hard-to-grasp games out there is Defense of the Ancients 2, better known as Dota 2. The game is hard to grasp because of all the intricate nuances that challenge players in memorizing specific ways to play certain characters. However, there are guides out there to help mitigate some of the confusion and help the butt-kicking process become a lot clearer. This is one of those guides. Continue reading

Dota 2 Earthshaker Pubstomp Guide

Dota 2 Earthshaker

One of the most popular games out there right now is the multiplayer online battle arena game, Defense of the Ancients 2. It’s a nearly ubiquitous online title in the world of PC gaming these days, and new and old players alike are always looking for an edge in combat. Well, a Defense of the Ancients 2 guide for the strength-based Earthshaker offers up some insight and help in creating the ultimate curb-stomping pubstomper. Continue reading