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#GamerGate: Games Journalist Calls Out Media’s Corruption


A certain Steve Tom Sawyer, a freelance writer, former contributor to Hardcore Gamers, LA Weekly, and Spin (to name a few) has come out swinging in favor of #GamerGate. He’s had some dealings with the industry, working for various outlets and making ties (and now enemies) within the interactive entertainment field. Sawyer first took to Twitter to drop bombs, and then followed it up with a truth-pill post on his website for those bloggers posing as journalists that are still ruminating over all the wrong parts of #GamerGate. Continue reading

#GamerGate: The Telegraph Called Out For Yellow Journalism By Female Gamer

#GamerGater: Vivian James

Factual misappropriation (seems like that word is being used a lot these days), failure to report the facts, misrepresenting unverified data and propagating a hate-campaign against a collective of individuals has become the order of the day for once-respected media outlets. The hunt for click-bait and the insatiable quest to feed ads has bottomed out online media news sites to the point where readers are now blatantly calling out these corrupt and incorrigibly nefarious individuals through a social media muckraking. Continue reading

#GamerGate: NeoGAF Owner Outs Himself With Misogynistic Behavior


Battling against sexists; fighting for equality; stomping out misogyny; quieting harassment; confronting abuse. Those idiosyncratic principles are usually what make up for what we consider to be those who fight against social injustice(s). Usually, we revere those who take a stand against the aforementioned cruelties of today’s society. However, it’s hard to dump praise on someone who purposefully goes out of their way to use “social justice” as a blanket to hide their own spiteful agendas. Continue reading

‘This Is A Video Game’ Is A Love Letter To The Celebration Of Gaming

For The Love of Gaming

With all the hatred being spewed around from one side or the other about one thing or another, it can really drag you down. It’s funny looking at my article count just take a complete nosedive as it becomes this taxing chore now to avoid all the vilification targeted at gamers for simply being gamers. Well, thankfully we have videos like “This is a Video Game” to remind us why we celebrate the culture of gaming and what it means to be a gamer. Continue reading

4chan Recruits Gamers Via Facebook To Out Corruption In Games Journalism

Vivian James

If you’ve grown tired of all the BS that has been flung around lately by the outlets and video game writers that you used to respect – and there were quite a few I used to respect, including John Walker of Rock, Paper, Shotgun and Leigh Alexander of Gamasutra – then you’re probably a bit downtrodden at the social justice warrior movement to basically make gamers leave the gaming community. It makes no sense and it has no end-goal other than to antagonize and intimidate (which is quite ironic given that they’re all against harassment, trolling and abuse). Nevertheless, there’s hope. Various communities from 4chan have finally stopped bickering amongst themselves to work together to help all of gaming. Continue reading

Stardock’s CEO Calls Out Kotaku For Being Trolls, Games Media As Toxic


Well it was bound to happen sooner or later but someone finally had the balls to step up and tell it like it is. Even I’ll admit that I wish I could do the same elsewhere to far more striking results, but there’s this thing called bills and all that jazz. Anyway, the CEO of Stardock Corporation, Brad Wardell, decided to finally step up to the plate and call a spade a spade in what’s really happening during this media blackout surrounding the unethical behavior from some of the larger gaming outlets out there. Continue reading

4Chan Presents A Women In Games Tribute To Corrinne Yu

Vivian James - 4Chan

It now truly feels as if we’ve stepped into bizarro world, where gaming journalists hate gamers, the biggest troll site on the internet, 4Chan, now actively supports feminism in a respectable way, and Tyler Perry is even in a David Fincher film… like really? Really? Man, if I had come across all this news after going to sleep I would have thought I died and ended up in the Twilight Zone. Nevertheless, all this news transpired during the waking hours of the day and that’s what makes it even more bizarre. Continue reading

4Chan Donates $5,000 To Female Game Jam IndieGoGo Following Five Guys Fallout

The Fine Young Capitalists

(Update: The TFYC IndieGoGo campaign has been hacked and shutdown)

Right now the gaming media is waging a war against their own audience. They’re attempting to parlay the outrage into a message about gender hate mongering, when in reality the fallout has nothing whatsoever to do with a certain individual and the personal lives of those involved. The outrage festered from the repeated indiscretions spawned from the top of the gaming industry’s media circuits, making it look like a betrayal of trust against the communities that they’re supposed to represent. Continue reading