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#GamerGate: Kotaku, Nerd-Shaming And Ben Kuchera

White Knight Chronicles

Just over a year ago the Game Journo Pro group had a very interesting conversation about “nerd shaming”. Using someone’s hobby to publicly humiliate them. This hot-button topic casually bubbled up into the conversation after Patricia Hernandez wrote an article on Kotaku about “This Is What A Brony Party Looks Like”, which was basically a video of people dancing at a My Little Pony Party. Ben Kuchera, of Penny Arcade fame and a current editor at Polygon, took great offense to Hernandez’ article. Continue reading

#GamerGate: You’re Winning And Here Are A Few Of Your Achievements


Given that a lot of the articles surrounding #GamerGate have been some of the most depressing and abhorrent stuff one could imagine – all  involving the video game industry – I decided it was time to take a break and go over some of the good stuff following some positive articles that have been popping up.

There’s a succinct and pretty cool piece over on GamesNosh that highlights some of the accomplishments of the #GamerGate movement, including things like raising $5,400 for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, donating more than $71,140 to The Fine Young Capitalists’ IndieGogo that opened up an opportunity for a female developer to get her game made, and getting sites like Polygon, Kotaku, Destructoid and Defy Media to alter their policies. Continue reading

#GamerGate: IGN Contributor Has Public Meltdown Following Game Journo Pro Leaks

Matt Clark

Things have begun to crumble in the oligarchy; the ivory tower is not what it used to be. One of the freelance contributing writers for IGN Tech (or perhaps, former contributor?) went wild on Twitter recently, completely going off the handle following the leaked e-mails from the private group called the Game Journalist Professionals. Continue reading

#GamerGate: Game Journalists Ignored Facts To Push ‘Gamers Are Dead’ Agenda, According To E-Mails


[Note: Not everyone on the Game Journo List is guilty of collusion, conspiracy to commit collusion, or abusing their position through malfeasance. Please do not harass or attack anyone on the list. Thank you.]

I spent several hours combing through the 11 articles detailing how “Gamers are Dead”. There’s no misconstruing what they meant, and the text on the wall is quite clear. I’m not going to waste time. I will roll out the facts as they are and leave you to decide what to make of the information. Continue reading


#GamerGate: ‘It’s Not Over Until Someone Goes To Prison’ Says Game Journalist

Games Journalism

In a private e-mail discussion Toms Guide alum and current contributor to The Escapist, Devin Connors, quips in response to senior gaming editor at Ars Technica, Kyle Orland, that #GamerGate isn’t going to end until someone ends up in “prison”. While the comment may have been made in jest – with some of the information surfacing – I wouldn’t put it past the #GamerGate movement that someone may end up behind bars before this is all over. Continue reading

#GamerGate: Devs Call Games Journalists ‘Weasel Axis’, Composed Of Charlatans, Agitators

Weasel Axis

There’s no denying that the disgusting display of so-called video game journalists has become a black mark on the video game industry. After Breitbart writer Milo Yiannopoulos uncovered the cabal of gaming journalists colluding to dictate how they would and would not cover the #GamerGate scandal, things all fell into place, outing just how corrupt the games journalism ring really is. Worse yet is the temerity these moral assailants carry about them, with the leader of the group and senior editor at Ars Technica, Kyle Orland, exclaiming on Twitter “I regret nothing”. Well, developers are tired of these domineering hijackers of truth, and they’ve made their voices known in a recent interview. Continue reading

Xbox One Dev Tells #GamerGate: Keep Going. They Cannot Silence Us Forever

Xbox One

Words of encouragement. Words of strength. Words from a gamer fighting for the soul of the gaming industry. A lone Xbox One developer from within the mammoth corporate structure of Microsoft has stepped forward to issue gamers support from under the guise of anonymity; fighting for a cause they cannot openly pledge allegiance to, due to the politics in play. Nevertheless, gamers, the developers are rooting for you in this fight. As WikiLeaks said: level-up. You cannot lose. Continue reading