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Editorial: Sexism In Games Is A Games Media Problem, Not A Developer Problem

How many of you have heard of the game Belladonna? How many major games media outlets have written about it?…

Scary Clown Game Dropsy Is All About Handing Out Hugs
Dropsy Game

Publisher Devolver Digital and indie developer Jay Tholen of Tendershoot brings us a typical cynical clown game of horror and…

Amazon AMD Budget Build Makes Gaming PC For $649
AMD Amazon Gaming Build

[Disclosure: The Amazon links are commissioned affiliate links] Amazon sent out a build list for a decent gaming rig that…

NeoGaf Bans Lots Of Members Over Controversial Sex Topic
Omega Labyrinth

NeoGaf has been handing out indiscriminate temporary bans for people openly disagreeing with an article from USGamer’s Jeremy Parish about…

Indie Game Poi Rekindles Nostalgic N64-Style Platforming

Indie devs PolyKid brings us a nice N64-like platformer called Poi. It offers that decisive judgment of predicting where to…

AMD Sends Kid High-End Gear, Older Brother Takes It And The Internet Hates Him For It
AMD Troll

There’s been this story circulating about a 10-year-old autistic kid and his older brother who were sent some high-end gear…

YouTubers, Vloggers Disclosure Policies Put Into Place By ASA
ASA YouTube Disclosure

Targeted video ads made to look like standard videos, sponsored content and ad-related material published on YouTube, Daily Motion or…

8chan Removed From Google Search Results [Updated]

[Update: 8chan has been re-indexed back into the Google search results] [Original article:] 8chan search results may have been removed…

Dark Storm Interview: We Felt It Was Important To Portray Women In A Better Light
Dark Storm: Ascension

Fenrir Studios is currently working on a game called Dark Storm: Ascension. It’s a third-person action-stealth title made in a…

Indie Fighting Game Aztez Video Highlights Improvements, Features

Fighting and turn-based game Aztez brings a mix of brutal action and a turn base strategy design to the table….

Destructoid Bans Rape Jokes, Closes Down Forums; Chaos Ensues [Update]

[Update Aug 11th: Yanier “Niero” Gonzalez has sent out word that Destructoid’s forums have reopened as Outer Haven Forums.] [Original…

CBC Journalist Reprimanded For Attacking #GamerGate Supporter
CBC GamerGate

One of the first reviews that French-Canadian Ombudsman Pierre Tourangeau from the CBC did on #GamerGate has been machine-translated. While…

CBC Fell Short Of Journalistic Standards Regarding #GamerGate, Says Ombudsman
CBC GamerGate

After many months of waiting and a lot of procrastination, a journalistic review for the ‘Q’ program featuring an interview…

Gawker Has An Exodus Of Writers During Rebranding
Gawker vs GamerGate

It’s no surprise that on Monday Gawker was supposed to be rebranding. This included being “20% nicer” according to co-founder…

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