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#GamerGate: Game Journo Pros Blacklist/Boycott May Have Breached Antitrust Laws


Recently there was a report on the alleged blacklisting of game industry professional Kevin Dent. Dent has been involved in a number of business ventures throughout the interactive entertainment industry, but ended up on the bad side of the media when he made comments certain journalists deemed “sexist” and “creepy”. Continue reading

SOPA 2.0? Understanding H.R. 4681

Splinter Cell

A recent bill that was somewhat passed under the noses of a good deal of people with very little critical oversight has caused quite a stir… sort of. It was originally reported by The Hill, and how congressman, Justin Amash (Rep. Mich), threw up a word of warning on a Facebook post about a potential threat of unsanctioned spying by the U.S., National Intelligence Department. Continue reading

CBC Exec Acknowledges #GamerGate Media Slant, States Ethics Are Important

GamerGate: It's About Ethics by Jm Hubber

An executive producer for the CBC nightly news program, The National, has responded to a concerned viewer who wrote in to complain about the lopsided coverage of #GamerGate on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s premier nightly news program. Thankfully, the executive producer acknowledges that the portrayal of #GamerGate may have been mischaracterized on media platforms. Continue reading

#GamerGate: FTC Info Updates Will Address Affiliate Links, Native Ads

FTC Native Ads

It was originally reported that the FTC would be updating their FAQ for consumers to better identify media practices and endorsements that appear in nature to be anti-consumer. A consumer’s continued correspondence with an FTC official has revealed that YouTube endorsements and standard media endorsements won’t just be par the course for the upcoming update to the FTC’s FAQ, they will also specifically target clandestine endorsements through affiliate links as well. Continue reading

#GamerGate: ‘Your Check – From A Publisher – Is In The Mail’ States GJP Thread

Dante's Inferno

Disclosure, transparency and ethical lines as a journalist are always being considered and deliberated by those in a position where the constant run-in with a conflict of interest can be had. It’s not hard to breach a line when it’s sometimes not so easily and readily laid out.  But what happens when the line of ethics is clear and present? Continue reading

#GamerGate: Stricter ISP Terms Sought Regarding Harassment Before Heading To Congress


The issue of online harassment has ratcheted up a few levels since interest groups took notice following “The Fappening” (also known as “Celebgate”) and the consumer revolt called #GamerGate, which surrounds the scandal of journalistic malpractice. Mainstream media has taken #GamerGate and turned it into a topic of harassment, even going as far as to spin the issue away from the corruption currently taking place within the media. Nevertheless, said interest groups have utilized the media’s platform to discuss how to combat online harassment on a multilateral front. Continue reading