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Hatred Removed From Steam Greenlight; So What’s The Point Of Community Votes?


[Update: The Game has been returned to Steam Greenlight]

It really gets to me when games get axed by distribution platforms just based on the moral outrage of a few. I may not agree with the content in Destructive Creations’ Hatred, but I absolutely disagree with Valve’s decision to pull the game out of Steam Greenlight; preventing people from even having the option to vote on whether or not they would want to play the game. Continue reading

The Game Awards 2014 Wasn’t As Funny As VGX, But It Was Good

The Game Awards 2014

Geoff Keighley, best known as the Dorito Pope,  front man of GTTV, and host and executive producer of the VGAs, came back in 2014 with a bigger, classier, more respectable beast in the form of The Game Awards 2014. It’s aiming to be the new annual awards show for the gaming industry, and I must admit… for Keighley to be the king of corporate gaming shills, he did a darn fine job with the reconstructed first-annual awards show for video games. Continue reading

Jim Sterling

‘She’s Not Gonna Take Your Games Away’ Says Jim Sterling; GTA 5 Gets Banned


During SGC 2013, Jim Sterling and Adam Sessler came to the defense of the Feminist Frequency campaign that’s led by Jonathan McIntosh and voiced by Anita Sarkeesian, to say how these kind of campaigns against the gaming industry – painting it as a misogynistic and sexist environment – wasn’t going to take your games away. So why did a petition just get an R18+ game banned from Target and Kmart stores in Australia, on account of the game promoting violence against women? Continue reading

CBC Breaches Multiple Journalistic Ethics Standards To Smear #GamerGate


Every time mainstream media brings up #GamerGate they seem to focus solely on harassment and an angle manufactured around misogyny. One of the big problems is that some of this coverage from the mainstream outlets happens to be purposefully done to push an agenda. Worse yet is that some journalists don’t mind pushing the agenda. Thankfully, disillusioned gamers and a couple of journalists have decided to fire back. Continue reading

#GamerGate: You Have A Smoking Gun, Use It

Smoking Gun

You have proof of corruption in games journalism. Use that proof.

Pundits opposed to #GamerGate continually spout off at the fingertips about the consumer revolt being mired in harassment and misogyny. News outlets scoff and make snide remarks about #GamerGate’s call for better ethics in journalism a “conspiracy theory” and shutdown any attempt to take the consumer revolt seriously. At one point, it was easy to see how what they were saying could have been a true narrative, but the times have changed… only, not everyone seems to recognize that. Continue reading

#GamerGate: Cost, Damage, Consequence And Cultural Scarring

Street Fighter III

#GamerGate is far from over. There’s still more to come. There’s still a few more tricks up our sleeves and a few more plays to be had. But through this process there’s something a lot of people may not have been paying attention to in regards to the effect of what the media has committed against game culture, or the effect this will have on gamers as the industry attempts to move forward through this consumer revolt. Continue reading

#GamerGate: ‘It’s Not Over Until Someone Goes To Prison’ Says Game Journalist

Games Journalism

In a private e-mail discussion Toms Guide alum and current contributor to The Escapist, Devin Connors, quips in response to senior gaming editor at Ars Technica, Kyle Orland, that #GamerGate isn’t going to end until someone ends up in “prison”. While the comment may have been made in jest – with some of the information surfacing – I wouldn’t put it past the #GamerGate movement that someone may end up behind bars before this is all over. Continue reading

GameSpot’s Dead Rising 3 Review Justifies Why We Need #GamerGate

Dead Rising 3

It’s really happening, folks… reviews in the games industry are now trying to push agendas harder than ever before. Imagine the shock, surprise and horror when a game that was previously scored with a ‘7’ at GameSpot received a ‘3’ when it landed on another platform with better graphics, more content and a higher resolution (at a cheaper price to boot). Shock. And. Horror. Continue reading