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PS4 Sells 30 Million Units, Leaving Wii U And Xbox One In The Dust

Sony has managed the milestone of 30 million SKUs of the PlayStation 4 being moved the world around. You know…

Umihara Kawase Shun Steam Edition Now Available On Steam
Umihara Kawase Shun

With a name harder to pronounce and type out than Benedict Cumberbatch, Umihara Kawase Shun has officially launched on Steam.

Neon Chrome, Cyberpunk 4-Player Rogue-Like Lands On Greenlight
Neon Chrome

10Tons Ltd., recently announced that their top-down, four-player cooperative, rogue-like cyberpunk shooter Neon Chrome, is seeking votes on Steam Greenlight….

Pangaea: New World Lands On Kickstarter For PC, Xbox One, PS4
Pangaea: New World

Post apocalyptic survival games are in no short order these days. However, LVR Studio from out of Russia wants to…

RC Simulation 2.0 Enters Steam Early Access
RC Simulation 2.0

Devotid Media’s radio controlled racing game that lets you build your own tracks, race a number of different ground and…

HuniePot Offers Koei $1 Million To Publish Dead Or Alive Xtreme 3 In America
Dead or Alive Xtreme 3

In a completely serious offer, the developers of the dating simulator HuniePop and the upcoming HunieCam Studio, have offered Koei…

Beep Boop Bot, Isometric 3D Shooter Seeks Votes On Greenlight
Beep Boop Bot

Psycho Robot Studios, an indie development outlet composed of just two people, have been pushing their game Beep Boop Bot…

Former IGN And GameSpot Journalists Threaten Play-Asia For Supporting Dead Or Alive Xtreme 3
Play Asia

Apparently supporting a game that’s no longer coming to a region because the publisher wants to avoid all the political…

Ghost In The Shell: First Assault Launching Soon On Steam
Ghost in the Shell

Nexon sent out word that Ghost In The Shell: Standalone Complex – First Assault will be launching soon on Steam….

#GamerGate Panels No Longer Allowed At Quebec Geek Events, States Activist

There have been some claims that #GamerGate events and panels discussing the ongoing drama between gamers and press are no…

CASE Animatronics, Five Nights At Freddy’s Clone Gets Hit With DMCA Claim
C.A.S.E. Animatronics

A game called C.A.S.E. Animatronics from Russian developer Last Level has found its way onto Steam Greenlight and also managed…

DOAX3 Not Coming To America: Jim Sterling Wrong Again, They’re Taking Away Your Games

I’m sure there are going to be more mental gymnastics displayed by faux “pro-consumer” pundits than the tumbling events during…

Tower Titans Is A Borderlands Meets Dungeon Defenders Tower Defense Game
Tower Titans

For a short while it seemed like there was a flood of tower defense games filling up every single square…

Just Cause 3 Minimum Specs Require i5 CPU, 6GB Of RAM, GTX 670
Just Cause 3

The bare minimum requirements for Just Cause 3 have been revealed along with the recommended system requirements. Both of the…

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