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#GamerGate: An Honest Discussion About Games Journalism Ethics – Part 2

Here’s part 2  of the conversation I had regarding games journalism and #GamerGate with Geoff Henao, a former reviews editor under one of the Modern Method labels and a good friend of Allistair Pinsof, the former writer for Destructoid.

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Hardland Heads Into Early Access On Steam


A new game from Mountain Sheep called Hardland has just landed on Early Access for Steam. The developers go well out of their way to make it known that the development on the game is still currently ongoing and that there’s a lot of broke, unfinished and unrefined features in the game. If you’re still keen on giving it a test run, do so at your own risk. Continue reading

Project CARS Halloween Trailer Is All Dark And Rainy

Project CARS

Following the multi-platform delay of Project CARS to March 20th, 2015, Slightly Mad Studios has released a new trailer to help assuage all the crushed hearts and broken dreams of racing game aficionados who have to settle for Driveclub and Forza Horizon 2 for their holiday-season racing fix. Continue reading

Ziggurat: Rogue-Lite, Dungeon-Crawling FPS Launches On Steam


Ziggurat has officially graduated from Steam’s Early Access phase and has launched today through the digital distribution service.

Seeing a rogue-lite FPS launch on Steam that combines emergent exploration and adventure with first-person magic and medieval-fantasy combat is a pretty exciting thing. It feels like we’re finally getting back to evolving on the concepts that were established with games like Heretic and Hexen from yesteryear’s past. Continue reading

#GamerGate: An Honest Discussion About Games Journalism Ethics – Part 1


One of the people I interviewed during the coverage of Allistair Pinsof’s case involving the fallout with Destructoid and the involvement of the Game Journo Pros, was someone who worked closely with Pinsof when he was employed at the site. The fellow’s name is Geoff Henao and he was the former reviews editor at one of Modern Method’s subsidiaries known as Flixist. For those who don’t know, Modern Method is Destructoid’s parent company. Henao has moved on and is now the editor-in-chief at Ruby Hornet. Speaking on his own accord and with his own opinions, Geoff and I began discussing some of the issues involving today’s video game journalism scene, after we finished with all the obligatory questions about Destructoid’s corruption case. Continue reading

Fractured Space Sees Players Battling In Capital Ship PvP

Fractured Space

We’re finally starting to see video game concepts catch up to the kind of technology we have available in today’s gaming rigs. In the case of Fractured Space, we’re seeing Edge Case Games take an opportunity to explore a kind of genre that gamers have been waiting to dabble in for quite some time. Continue reading

Five Nights At Freddy’s 2 Signals Freddy’s Return

Five Nights At Freddy's 2

Oh man, this would make for an awesome low-budget horror flick. Animatronic, killer robots taking down any and everyone at a creepy pizza parlor that’s supposed to be for kids? That has sleeper-hit written all over it. For now, Five Nights At Freddy’s 2 will simply be the follow-up sequel to the original smash hit that took Steam by storm. Continue reading

GamersGate Received Threats From Those Opposed To #GamerGate


It was bound to happen sooner or later.

GamersGate has been around for quite some time… nearly a decade to be exact. It’s a digital distribution portal for PC games. You go there to buy games and have fun and sometimes interact with people of all varying types of racial diversity, sexual orientation, creeds, nationalities and regions. Because, you know, the gaming community is diverse. Well, GamersGate has been receiving “threats” and “harsh words” from those who got the name confused with the hashtag consumer revolt known as #GamerGate. Continue reading