Sacred 3 Preview

Sacred 3

Deep Silver and Keen Games’ upcoming Sacred 3 is due for release on August 5th in two weeks. The game is gearing up to land on retail shelves and digital distribution for PC, PS3 and the Xbox 360. One of the things I thought was pretty odd was how few previews are available for the game, but with the release looming so close, I’m sure a lot of gamers would love to know a bit more about the game given its thinly promoted presence in current gaming media. Continue reading

My Name Is Addiction Hands-On Preview: Oh, It Goes There

My Name is Addiction Preview

Not every gaming website out there likes hipster indie games; a lot of times you’ll be told what not to write about regarding certain titles. It means that you’re ultimately forsaking a large potential audience out there who may be interested in a game you would like to write about, but can’t. Nevertheless, here at One Angry Gamer there is no game that is taboo for the reasons of “ lacking pageviews” or not baiting enough for high “click-through rates” on the search engines. It’s why hands-on previews for even the most rare games can exist here – even if only on the brink of being a superficial preview due to time-constraints – and it’s why a game like My Name is Addiction can appear on this site more than just in passing on a weekly recap. Continue reading

Hyrule Warriors Trailer Previews Ocarina Of Time Characters

Hyrule Warriors Wii U

Earlier today it was revealed that three important characters from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time would be playable characters in Nintendo’s upcoming, Dynasty Warriors-style hack-and-slash action-adventure title, Hyrule Warriors. Well, the company followed through with the leaky reveal by showcasing the three announced characters in their very own trailer. Continue reading

After Reset RPG Brings Hardcore, Sci-fi Action To Kickstarter

After Reset RPG

Black Cloud Studios has a brand new game in the works for PC called After Reset RPG. The game is a cyberpunk, post-apocalyptic role-playing game designed in the same vein as games like Baldur’s Gate and the original two Fallout titles. Black Cloud was kind enough to send over some exclusive new screenshots as they’ve attacked the Kickstarter hype train heavy and even managed to surpass their initial goal in spades. Continue reading

Hyrule Warriors: Sheik, Darunia, Princess Ruto Are Playable Characters

Hyrule Warriors Shiek

Three new faces have been unveiled as playable characters in the upcoming Koei Tecmo, Omega Force, Team Ninja and Nintendo collaboration called Hyrule Warriors for the Wii U. The three new playable characters? Sheik, Zelda’s bodyguard; Princess Ruto from the Zora people; and Darunia the leader of the Gorons. Continue reading

Sonic Boom Release Date Set For November

Sonic Boom

The North American release date for Sega and Big Red Button’s Sonic Boom has been set in stone for the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. So without holding out the dates: You can get your hands on Sega’s latest 3D platformer on the Nintendo 3DS beginning November 11th and on the Wii U starting November 18th. Continue reading

Get The Sims 2: Ultimate Collection For Free Until July 31st

The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection

Electronic Arts is doing something good for once. And no, they’re not abandoning microtransactions and in-app purchases. Instead, the company wants to give away The Sims 2: Ultimate Collection for free… to everyone! That’s right, the steps are easy to take and the rewards could be justified if you don’t mind having their digital distribution service on your computer. Continue reading

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