#GamerGate: Game Journo Pros Blacklist/Boycott May Have Breached Antitrust Laws


Recently there was a report on the alleged blacklisting of game industry professional Kevin Dent. Dent has been involved in a number of business ventures throughout the interactive entertainment industry, but ended up on the bad side of the media when he made comments certain journalists deemed “sexist” and “creepy”. Continue reading

ROBLOX Could Come To Xbox One, PS4, Wii U


Home consoles have been edging closer and closer to evolving their software libraries to include more non-traditional and PC-oriented titles over the past two years. The landscape is rapidly changing due to the lowered costs of entry-level design tools, as well as the architecture that allows for games to grow and expand into different categories of the interactive medium. Well, one game that’s been making waves and keeping somewhat under the media’s radar is ROBLOX. The game-creation software is huge but you won’t hear about it often in the news. What’s more is that it could be coming to a console near you. Continue reading

KillZone: Shadow Fall Lawsuit Over 1080i Resolution Moves Forward

Killzone Shadow Fall

Do you know what’s worse than corrupt journalists? 960 x 1080 interlaced resolution. You know what’s worse than $17 trillion dollars worth of debt? 1080i instead of 1080p output. You know what’s worse than our crumbling society under the rising tide of Cultural Marxists, economic collapse, a failing jobs market and legislation to further take away the freedoms and rights of anonymity and speech online? KillZone: Shadow Fall’s 1080i resolution in the multiplayer. Continue reading

#GamerGate: Gawker Overhauling Privacy Policy Ahead Of New FTC Updates


One of the big requests from #GamerGate has been: ethics reform in journalism. It’s amazing that such a noble request was punted under the table while the skullduggery of the games and mainstream media pitched a series of lies over #GamerGate being nothing more than a harassment campaign. Well, narrative thread weaving has done little to stop angry consumers from making their voices heard, and whether people want to admit or not… mega-entities like Gawker are listening. Continue reading

Lords Of The Fallen 2 Early Development Confirmed

Lords of the Fallen

Considered as the poor man’s Dark Souls II, Lords of the Fallen hobbled onto the market with a spark, some cracks and a bit of soul. It was a game that had some shortcomings but also showed some promise. In fact, it showed just enough promise that the developers at CI Games have made it known that a sequel is currently going through the concept phases at the moment. Continue reading

Hatred Becomes No. 1 On Greenlight After Gabe Newell Steps In


For a game that’s supposed to be the bane of gaming and a testament to the argument that “gaming violence causes real life violence”, it sure does seem to have escalated to the top of the Greenlight list awfully quick. Maybe some people can separate fantasy from reality or maybe some people are making a serious political statement with the support of Hatred coming to Steam. Continue reading

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