Mighty No. 9 Reminds Us Why It’s Good To Be A Gamer

Mighty No. 9

With all the vitriol spewed over the past couple of days from out-of-touch, quasi-pseudo-aristocratic hipsters posing as games journalists, it’s nice to see something refreshing and positive in the industry. What am I talking about? I’m talking about Comcept’s latest trailer for the upcoming game Mighty No. 9… yep, that’s right, the same game that the gaming community, real gamers, contributed to when it was on Kickstarter in order to turn it into a reality. The whole project is a celebration of game culture and the latest trailer really hammers that point home when you see how people who love games help fund a game being made by people who love to create them. Continue reading

Millennium 3: Cry Wolf, How To Survive Launch On Steam

Millennium 3

Two new interesting games have launched on Steam (depending on what you define as interesting). The first is a classic sprite-based RPG from Aldorlea Games called Millennium 3: Cry Wolf. It’s the third game in a series that happened to be greenlit by gamers, where players assume the role of Marine, as she and her friends journey through the eastern part of the world to recruit members to the team and fight back against the Lords of Mystrock. Yeah, yeah, it sounds like a Saturday morning D&D cartoon; just remember gamers voted for it. Continue reading

The Crew Beta Video Features 5 Minutes Of Gameplay

The Crew

Steering clear of a bit of the toxic crap happening throughout the gaming industry at the moment, there are still some things worth getting excited about in the realm of having fun and partaking in interactive entertainment. That’s not to say that The Crew is a game worth getting excited about, but the new five minute gameplay video at least showcases a few more elements of gameplay that some people might find attractive in the MMO-style racing title. Continue reading

Reddit Gaming Mods Censoring Gamers/Websites From Discussing GamerGate


Welp, I guess support from Reddit’s core gaming communities is coming to an end. We’re in a real good mess now. The /r/Games and /r/gaming threads are attempting to shadow-ban anyone who appears to want to dive neck-deep into the whole #GamerGate fallout that spawned from tawdry and filthy laundry dragged out into the street from the dank and unsavory basement closets that major gaming sites thought safe to hide their unmentionables. Well, like the old saying goes: even if you fart in a dark room, someone’s still going to smell it. Continue reading

Gamers Attempt To Block $250 Million In Funding For Anti-Gamer Website

Vice Money

What’s the best way to get someone to listen to you? No, it’s not flashing them. That’s the best way to scare them away. How about shouting? Nope… doesn’t work. Making calm, rational comments and seeking a means of healthy discussion on a platform in which both sides can come to a mutual understanding even if at the end they agree to disagree? Oh heck no. This is the 21st century and echo-chambers have replaced the rational exchange of thought-food. Continue reading

Celestial Tear: Demon’s Revenge RPG Announced For PC, Coming 2015

Celestial Tears

White Guardian Studios has a brand new game on the way called Celestial Tear: Demon’s Revenge. The premise sounds pretty slick, as players take on the role of Sen, a heroine who forges a legacy with other formidable characters centered around the conflicts involving prejudice and racism on a war-torn planet. The game aims to strike a fine balance between character development, story and classic role-playing tactics. The graphics are somewhat surprising and the combat is a nice throwback to the turn-based mechanics. Continue reading

The Escapist Co-Founder Speaks Out: Game Culture Doesn’t Need To Die

Games Journalism Fails

If you’ve been following the rather poor display from gaming and media journalists alike across social media and with many of the reproachable articles they published in the past week, then you know that these social extremists are trying to “kill” game culture. It sounds bizarre and outlandish but it’s the truth. Well, one major gaming outlet has come out in defense of the beaten, battered, abused and continually beleaguered gaming community: we don’t need to die and neither does our culture. Continue reading

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