Lords Of The Fallen Complete Walkthrough With Boss Guide

Lords of the Fallen

CI Games and Deck13 dropped Lords of the Fallen this week for home consoles and PC. The game has had some minor bits of mixed criticism but has generally been received as an eighth-gen Dark Souls clone. Unfortunately I haven’t had time to see if the game is actually harder than Dark Souls or not, but most comments I’ve seen seem to suggest that it is indeed easier than Dark Souls. No worries, though. For anyone who is still having trouble completing the game there are some useful walkthrough guides to help players get over some of the more troublesome hurdles. Continue reading

Steam 2014 Halloween Sale Is Now Live

Steam Halloween Sale

Valve sent out word today that Steam will be hosting the Halloween holiday sale starting right now and going up until November 3rd. Games of various genres (but mostly horror-oriented) will be on sale for up to 90% off. If you’re strapped for cash this kind of sale will be perfect for you, just like a two-bit mugger in a dark New York City alley. Continue reading

#GamerGate: TFYC Was Doxxed By A Games Writer, Not Zoe Quinn

The Fine Young Capitalists have been through a heck of a lot throughout this whole ordeal (you can read up on some of the hurdles the pro-feminist Game Jam faced right here). A lot of their problems started when they were accused by Zoe Quinn and friends of being transphobic, accusations that were spawned from misinterpretation and knee-jerk reactions. Twitter. Professional model Dane Halo provided an explanation to Kramer, Quinn and the rest of The Fine Young Capitalists’ antagonists by explaining that TFYC’s policies involving trans-contestants in the Game Jam  were based on the guidelines rolled out by the official Human Rights Commission of Ontario.

Nevertheless, those accusations came with a heavy price, as the supervisor of The Fine Young Capitalists had his private information broadcast to the public; putting him in the cross-hairs of unstable individuals who sent death threats and abuse his way. Continue reading

VRC Pro Brings 3D RC Racing To Steam Greenlight


Virtual Racing Industries has brought their online racing title to Steam’s Greenlight community service. The game isn’t an 8-bit inspired platformer or pixelated rogue-like adventure game. Oh no, VRI went all in with VRC Pro, showcasing a visually impressive, fast-paced racing title that mimics the real-life thrills and carnage of RC racing.

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Lords Of The Fallen Now Available For Xbox One, PS4, PC

Lords of the Fallen

One of the more interesting action-RPGs out this fall has finally landed on the store shelves of a brick and mortar retailer near you. The name of the game? Lords of the Fallen. The gimmick? It’s a badass, tactically-oriented role-playing game with some awesome, in-depth melee combat and plenty of thrilling encounters with some interesting bosses.

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