The Collider Brings One Of The Fastest Arcade Experiences To Steam

The Collider

While a war wages on over the cultural future of video games, some developers and gamers are still trucking forward, experiencing games as they were intended to and having fun in the process. One of the most recent games to land on Steam is an experimental, futuristic, “casual” racing game called The Collider, from Shortbreak Studios. The reason I put “casual” in quotation marks is because there’s no way in the world a casual gamer who doesn’t get serious and hunker down will be able to beat this game on the hardest levels… there’s just no way. Continue reading

#GamerGate: Games Journalist Calls Out Media’s Corruption


A certain Steve Tom Sawyer, a freelance writer, former contributor to Hardcore Gamers, LA Weekly, and Spin (to name a few) has come out swinging in favor of #GamerGate. He’s had some dealings with the industry, working for various outlets and making ties (and now enemies) within the interactive entertainment field. Sawyer first took to Twitter to drop bombs, and then followed it up with a truth-pill post on his website for those bloggers posing as journalists that are still ruminating over all the wrong parts of #GamerGate. Continue reading

Space Engineers: Armored Core Transforming Station, Curved Window Mods Surface

Space Engineers

A small break in the action from #GamerGate. It’s time to return to a game that keeps the politics out of interactive entertainment and the fun placed squarely in the creative minds of gamers the world around. What better way to showcase the thorough uniqueness and artistic capabilities of the gaming community than with a mod that showcases just how ridiculously complicated some mods can get in Keen Software House’s Space Engineers? Continue reading

Orion: Prelude Devs Support #GamerGate, Gives Out 1,000 Free Steam Codes

#GamerGate Strikes Back

David Prassel and Spiral Game Studios have come out in support of the #GamerGate movement, hammering home the point of how corrupt, crony and ethically bankrupt sites like Kotaku and Polygon have become. Not only that, Prassel finally clears the air about all the slander that was thrown his way regarding Orion: Prelude and not being able to properly get his side of the story out (a trend that has carried over into the corrupted media’s portrayal of the #GamerGate movement and the one-sided attacks its spawned from many mainstream media outlets). In addition to this, Prassel is handing out 1,000 free Steam codes for Orion: Prelude. Continue reading

GameSpot’s Dead Rising 3 Review Justifies Why We Need #GamerGate

Dead Rising 3

It’s really happening, folks… reviews in the games industry are now trying to push agendas harder than ever before. Imagine the shock, surprise and horror when a game that was previously scored with a ’7′ at GameSpot received a ’3′ when it landed on another platform with better graphics, more content and a higher resolution (at a cheaper price to boot). Shock. And. Horror. Continue reading

#GamerGate: EA Outed For Covering Up 40,000 Users Being Hacked

Electronic Arts

Mainstream gaming outlets have been reporting on the incident of EA hiding the fact that many of their users were hacked back in September, 2013. However, all of these outlets seem to be leaving out a very key aspect as to how this story came out and why: A former games journalist for Australian games media came forward to out various forms of corruption within the games industry, following the strong push-back from gamers against unethical media practices in the form of #GamerGate. Continue reading

#GamerGate: The Telegraph Called Out For Yellow Journalism By Female Gamer

#GamerGater: Vivian James

Factual misappropriation (seems like that word is being used a lot these days), failure to report the facts, misrepresenting unverified data and propagating a hate-campaign against a collective of individuals has become the order of the day for once-respected media outlets. The hunt for click-bait and the insatiable quest to feed ads has bottomed out online media news sites to the point where readers are now blatantly calling out these corrupt and incorrigibly nefarious individuals through a social media muckraking. Continue reading

#GamerGate Gets A New Female Icon While It Destroys Destiny On Twitter

GamerGate Gale

The narrative from major media outlets may be one of “misogyny” and “sexism” but the actual, objective truth is that #GamerGate has done more for women in games than any of the people who supposedly are fighting for inclusiveness and progression. The latest addition to the #GamerGate saga is a very positive one. No hit-piece assassinations or social justice jingoism aimed at textually berating people into submission. Nope. Instead, today, we get a brand new icon added alongside Gilda Mars and Vivian James, as well as a week that showcased the cares of gamers outweighing the might of marketing from an AAA publisher. Continue reading

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