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    - "Busy day!! Had to work this morning and then get the boys from school. I was planning to go to a nearby town to the Dollar Store, but when I looked didn’t have the money to go:( Now home sitting here doing my […]"View

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    - "HA energy"View

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    - "@ingrid Are you ready for Halloween party?"View

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    - "@kimberly_brown How many posts have you done in a day?"View

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    - "a nice evening with some cool music here"View

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    - "I am busy with school and work not much time to come on here. Just checking in seeing what is new."View

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    - "400 points. I’m doing 100 points a day, which is great, but I should be doing more."View

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    - "trying to get to 3000 points today"View

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    - "Tonight, San Joaquin Valley Paranormal Research, the paranormal team I work with, is going to be interviewed by a local newspaper for a Halloween feature article."View

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    - "This is this world’s most valuable resource, clean drinking water. Let’s hope we find a way to save it and our selves. 3-nuoc-dfd59"View

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    - "@sirius Thanks for accepting Sirius!"View

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    - "@sadiemarie Please stop spamming the forums with random questions that you are copying from yahoo answers. If you continue to look for ways abuse the rewards system you will lose the ability to earn points. This […]"View

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    - "1387408003732"View

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    - "Here comes the sun,, Hi y’all been busy lately so did have the time to log in."View

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    - "@sheridan Quick update: Just tested the site in Google Chrome and it works fine, so it may be something to do with how the site is displaying in IE and Firefox (I usually use Firefox and that’s where the problem […]"View

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    - "The site is rather slow today"View

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    - "Ya made it to 10,000 points!! Time to redeem!! Then I got to go to my sisters."View

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    - "Hi, everyone! It’s been a busy couple of weeks – getting ready for vacation and then going on vacation! :) And now, cleaning up and taking care of chores after coming back from vacation! Haha! I hope I can […]"View

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    - "Okay, today I am determined to finish half of my article on case studies of teenage violence and how the media gets the stories wrong in weird ways. As I’m doing my research, I’m learning that it’s important to […]"View

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    - "Like to work from home"View



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