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    - "Please pray for my dad, he is in ER right now!!"View

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    - "How is your Halloween party?"View

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    - "I have gotten several documents from one of my mentors Neville Goddard, but I have seen the name Goddard elsewhere, yet, he’s an awesome teacher or was."View

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    - "Gotta go get some chores done… be back later!"View

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    - "Happy Halloween everyone! By the way, if someone could make plastic horror-ish dolls that look similar to this character, that would be super amazing! Halloween girl"View

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    - "Goodnight buddies."View

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    - "This is this world’s most valuable resource, clean drinking water. Let’s hope we find a way to save it and our selves. 3-nuoc-dfd59"View

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    - "IMG_33522981595316"View

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    - "Here’s to a productive day! morning1"View

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    - "Redeemed for $25 today. Lets see if I get the money :)"View

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    - "@sheridan Quick update: Just tested the site in Google Chrome and it works fine, so it may be something to do with how the site is displaying in IE and Firefox (I usually use Firefox and that’s where the problem […]"View

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    - "@taraloutea thank you for the TREATS today .. i love eating the candies"View

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    - "I am spooky today!! :D"View

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    - "@dick Im using my account, , to generate a little traffic. I found it about 3 days ago and, so far, it looks good. It is extremely easy, too!"View

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    - "@debolina Hi Debolina. Nice meeting you. My name is Godwin from Ghana, West Africa. I hope the family is in good health. My love and respect to them. You have beautiful aura."View

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    - "Such a liar! I am also a customer on other establishments but I am that rude to tell a lie just to cover up my mistake as a customer! Customers are not always right!! Just be fair!"View

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    - "Exciting time for me! Starting a business soon."View

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    - "Hello everyone"View

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    - "Happy Halloween to all Blogjob members Happy Halloween"View

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    - "Live. Laugh. Love. Life. IMG_58796365656401"View



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