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    Soo much cleaning done. It's not organized but in boxes mostly off the floor. I need to get something to drink. Soo thirsty. I think I'll clean some more and get ready to go.

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    @pamela81 What have you written since you love to write, I am becoming curious :-)

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    I am so excited for later today! My folks and I will be doing an overnight vacation at South Hills, Pennsylvania and I'll get my own hotel room so I can come and go as I want! I won't be in Blog Job much today for that reason, but if anything interesting comes up then you know I'll be eventually blogging about it.

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    If you’re serious about earning a living as a freelance writer or blogger, no matter where you submit, it won’t happen overnight. It takes knowledge, patience and the desire to succeed. Take the time to learn the ropes, and along with your knowledge, earnings will follow and continually grow. Continued -

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    @sheridan Quick update: Just tested the site in Google Chrome and it works fine, so it may be something to do with how the site is displaying in IE and Firefox (I usually use Firefox and that's where the problem is showing up).

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    Having a cold really blows. I can't remember the last time I actually had one. I usually can kick them in the teeth pretty quickly but this one seems to want to hang on. Time for the airborne and orange juice. And sleep; can't forget the sleep. What do you do when you get a cold?

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    Others are out... partying 'till dawn... I'm here, jamming epic Gregorian chants :D

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    Wow! the weekend is already here, which makes it a start of the new month too. Just 4 more months away and the New year will be here.

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    how can i get my blogjob referral link.

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    @laydeegodiva In order to receive points for blog posts they should be at least 300 words in length.

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    I am looking for people to give me their opinions on product descriptions when shopping online for a book I'm writing. :)

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