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    posted a photo

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    @dick Good day, friend I want to know how people from countries that can not receive paypal money but they can send money with it, receive their money? I am in Nigeria. Do blogjob pay with checks or direct bank transfer?

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    On second cup of coffee before work being blessedOn

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    well, obama was having the best time here

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    I just finished my article on ear infections in dogs, and I was a bit surprised by a word that my spellcheck didn't recognize. Isn't 'tweezing' a word? I see that it's an apparent misspelling here too. When I right click on it, the word is separated into two sections, or I could choose 'twerking' instead. What? Since when is 'twerking' a recognized word? That's ridiculous! I can't start tweezing my eyebrows with tweezers, but I can start twerking instead? LOL Unbelievable....

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    Well, it says What's new, Angelo? To be honest, the only thing new that i can speak about, is that i'm still trying to understand on this works. What looked easy for me at the beginning is getting a little bit confused. But i will not five up, i will try to understand and after some days i will answer to the What's new, Angelo? For now seat and wait that i learn how thinks work.

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    The thunder rumbles Raindrops feeding the plants Sweet red tomatoes.

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    Hello BJ! I'm a newbie here. Still trying to find my way around. Seems like a cool place to hang out.

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    @cristiane8228 Blog posts should be at least 300 words in length.

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    I am at my brother's house and I am writing with the help of a crazy cat named Sake. He s jumping all over the place.

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    There are many people who ping you on facebook and other messengers asking you to get enrolled in certain easy money making programs and later after creating an interest will ask you to pay some amount as enrollment. All such programs spell only one word - scam.

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    @sheridan Hi @sheridan I don't want to abuse my limits here, I only have 200 point limits and I used it for blogging 4 times a day, however, there are some that pop up that I received an approved comment and just now, I received someone signed under me. I hope I am not violating anything from it. Please let me know. Thanks

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    Hi friends. I am new on blogjob. Will you add meas friend please.

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    How can I invite my friend here?:( I cant find it help me pleaassseeee..

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    @andriaperry Wish I knew this was a referral site before I signed up. Oh well.

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    @sheridan Hello Sir @sheridan . God bless you as well as the site! Have a wonderful day!

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