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    What's more than to give thanks to God for such a wonderful Sunday morning.Have a great day everyone.

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    going for a wedding lunch

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    Oh! seems like I am the only person online now. Anybody home?

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    I can see that some people are still busy deleting my comments on their pages! Anyway,let me go back to my blogs which are friendly for everyone.

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    Hello @IVY

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    Attended our first Christmas party of the year tonight! Me & my oldest nephew & spent the early part of the day making my mom's traditional party treats, so he now knows her go-to recipes. Showing him the art of making "ham rolls" was the messiest and most fun part. After the party, me & my love spent the rest of the night visiting friends, so by the time we left from the last place, we were exhausted. So many friends and loved ones, which was highly needed by me at this point. I've been so cooped up and haven't had much human contact in a long time, especially with the cold weather, so this entire day (and night) has been so perfect! I can't even recall the last time I sat down with someone who could be considered a possible friend and actually had an intelligent, enjoyable conversation that didn't feel forced! I forgot how great that could be. ;) I can't believe Christmas has snuck up so quickly on us, and although I'm really not ready for it yet, I'm more excited about this new year emerging and all the changes that are taking place in my life that I'm not even worried about being ready. Very much looking forward to the rest of this year's parties! After a pretty long day & night though, I'm finally settling in with my snuggly pets and about to re-arrange my work schedule before crashing.

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    @sheridan Quick update: Just tested the site in Google Chrome and it works fine, so it may be something to do with how the site is displaying in IE and Firefox (I usually use Firefox and that's where the problem is showing up).

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    I am still sick and getting a little better everyday that goes by.

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    @robert_stukowski Hey Robert I see that you’ve moved your blog over to That’s great…I’m happy you’ve chosen us as your main blogging platform. Could you do me a favor though and remove the posts from your old blog so there isn’t a duplicate content issue. Here’s an example a post that you’ve moved here that’s still live on your blogspot blog.

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    I need two more blogs for tonight. Got to push through.

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    Is it still an obligation to share?

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    So I am happy because I bought this silky, pretty black, fuscha, and magenta plaid splotched dress today. It's pretty but not unwieldy, so I can do normal movements. Just thought I'd share my personal good news with you all.

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    Going to try to get some writing done today... fingers crossed that the nausea doesn't take over!

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    Happy fall!

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    Many men and women are troubled by certain very strict precepts of chastity and abstinence taught by their religions, and they question whether it is really necessary to respect them. In fact, this all depends on what they want to do with their lives.

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    not much just had a bad start to my day 12:40 last night had to do a sheet change cause the bf woke up and said that one of our furry kids wet the bed then at 6 am they had to go out so did that let them back in went back upstairs to bed and i only meant to sleep till at least 730 but i ended up sleeping till 820 had to rush down feed the dogs (aka furry kids) let them out make my coffee something to eat brush my teeth let them back in come back up stairs where i split my 2nd cup of coffee everywhere had to clean that up bring the stuff down to the washer throw the stuff in the washer make another a cup of coffee went back up stairs sat down and started answering my emails



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