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  • Hoop Pro
    active 7 minutes ago

    These are specially made hula hoops to fit body weight and size and flex to small size ever heard of it

    Public Group / 2 members
  • December Birthdays
    active 35 minutes ago

    Do you or someone you know celebrate there birthday in December? Let’s talk about it here.

    Public Group / 6 members
  • Group logo of Voracious Book Readers
    active 52 minutes ago

    I created this group to all voracious book readers like me. Please post the books you have read or you’re reading at the moment. And you can also write a book review here. I look forward for it. Thank you! :)))

    Public Group / 51 members
  • Weather channel watchers
    active 59 minutes ago

    As long as I can remember I have been a weather channel watcher. Do you watch the weather? Eyes up!

    Public Group / 5 members
  • Nerds
    active 59 minutes ago

    For the nerds of Blogjob to gather & talk.

    Public Group / 4 members
  • Youtubers
    active 59 minutes ago

    Group for those with a youtube channel or who just enjoy youtube. This is the place to discuss youtube and share videos

    Public Group / 5 members
  • I love Colors
    active 1 hour, 38 minutes ago

    I love rainbow and i love colors.

    Public Group / 20 members
  • Money Savers
    active 1 hour, 40 minutes ago

    Are you saving money for something special? Or maybe you’re just trying to get out of debt. Share your favorite money saving and budgeting tips here, and give your support to those who might be struggling.

    Public Group / 12 members
  • Personal Improvement
    active 1 hour, 41 minutes ago

    Do you like your life as it is? Do you want it to change? Do you save money? Do you budget your finances? How do you meet new people? Do you travel? What have you wanted to change, but you haven’t? What stopped […]

    Public Group / 32 members
  • Making Money From Home
    active 1 hour, 42 minutes ago

    A group for those whose main or only source of income is through online sites.

    Public Group / 7 members
  • Group logo of Animals and Their Humans
    active 1 hour, 43 minutes ago

    Because, as every pet owner knows, it’s the pets that own us! A place to talk about pets, pet care, and any topics pertaining to the special animals in your life.

    Public Group / 26 members
  • Group logo of Writers Block
    active 1 hour, 44 minutes ago

    A group dedicated to getting rid of writers block.

    Public Group / 5 members
  • Battling Deppression
    active 1 hour, 46 minutes ago

    A group for those battling depression to share there stories, get support and tell us how you are fighting depression.

    Public Group / 10 members
  • Group logo of Gratitude Group
    active 1 hour, 47 minutes ago

    The ”Gratitude Group” is a lot like a gratitude journal, only it’s online (not in your diary) and shareable to others in the group! I created this group because I thought we could all spend a minute a day […]

    Public Group / 26 members
  • Hair Products
    active 4 hours, 22 minutes ago

    What kind of hair products do you use and recommend to others

    Public Group / 6 members
  • Group logo of Arts and Crafts
    active 4 hours, 50 minutes ago

    For bloggers and the crafters looking for their next subject or project.

    Public Group / 22 members
  • Bad Habits
    active 4 hours, 52 minutes ago

    Support group to overcome bad habits & addictions.

    Public Group / 5 members
  • Group logo of Blogjob addiction
    active 4 hours, 54 minutes ago

    If you are addicted to Blogjob you may join the group and discuss your addiction to Blogjob.

    Public Group / 50 members
  • Group logo of Workers From Home
    active 5 hours, 4 minutes ago

    A discussion about home based businesses and working from home.

    Private Group / 21 members
  • Group logo of Blogjob Mastermind group
    active 5 hours, 5 minutes ago

    Project: create hype, make site go viral, make $$$ as an early adopter!

    Public Group / 85 members

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